I feel uncomfortable with my best friend, I would prefer ending our friendship at this point, a clean break kinda thing. Unfortunately he has Colin's car for now :/ things haven't been working out. when ever i try to talk to people about Colin they get this glossy look like they don't really understand. I miss my Marine. i go from room to room with my marine woobie(a very soft blanket my mimi made). I want to talk to him so bad, i feel fidgety. especially with valentines day coming up. he was my first valentine. <3
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I couldnt agree more with the ladys!! Sometimes your friends just say like aww or how do you do it. They cant really understand because they are not in that situation. Yes sometimes you express to them what you feel and just wana talk about your marine. But you just hqve to stop yourself cuz they wont know what to say.... Just hang in there theres plenty of us here who like to read and ansewer question. Because we kinda know whats going on and by what i mean by kind of cuz we learn from each other. Theres lot of similar situation we all are in. And always here to give you adivice :)

Sometimes I'm just so excited about something or so worried that I talk, haha it slips out of me and I have to tell you I've never gotten a good answer at all. I mean sometimes they, besides listening (which is what I need) they give opinions and initiate a CSI investigation on why this or why, no talking, its way better.

i couldnt agree more

they ask about us then tune me out. yalls advice is best though, seems though won't get it. My best friend was the only one who listened and now his fiance has mostly ended our friendship. soooooo ya :/

yes that happens a lot, I've never been able to keep any male friends. As soon as they have a gf, good bye. We woman are difficult :)

Nobody on the outside is going to understand. I talk to my friends about my situation occasionally but I keep it to a minimum because people get tired of hearing about it. It makes them feel uncomfortable and sometimes sad, its a situation in which they will never really know what to say.

I know what you mean. I just keep it at a minimum by saying hes good and we're good. I hate getting that sad look from people

Best advice I can give is talk to us about him...I talk about nick with very few people and stick with topics of nothingness with the people who don't care to hear about him or marine corps life makes me less irritated with those people when I know not to go there