Writing How I Feel

So I figure the best way for me to try and deal with my fear if Ryan and my kids not getting along was to write him a letter in the book I have been writing in. I wrote telling him I care about him a lot and that I really want things to work when he comes home but that I'm scared the kids will scare him off. I told him in it that the kids don't always behave well, and that when they act up I'm afraid he will be like I'm done this is too much for me to handed. Hopefully I will get to talk to him soon and express my concerns about him and my kids. I'm really hoping that he wil understand since my kids come first.
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That's really great that your writing it out. Sometimes that helps a lot. And he will understand that kids ALWAYS come first. That was one of the most important things my mom has ever shown me :)

Yeah exactly it's the same as right now the military comes first.

its good that your going to talk to him about how you feel

Yeah I'm just worried about how he will take it but I know if he loves me he will accept it ad accept them and how I feel

Oh of course and if he doesn't than there really isn't much wiggle room

Exactly and that's what scares me most.

Im sure youll be fine. He seems to love you alot and he knows you have kids so its not like itll be a surprise to him

No it won't that's actually the first thin I told him. And I'm sure he's gonna be ok with them I'm just over thinking it because if he wasn't he wouldn't be stickin around

Yeah just keep that in mind whenever those those type of thoughts creep up on you :)

I try to plus its just been hard with him being gone since my accident. I've been in so much pain and just wish he was here to help take care of me

How is everything going with that?

Good my car is in the shop getting fixed and I went to the doctors cause I was still in pain and it had gotten worse. The doctor gave me pain meds and a muscle relaxer, they help but I still hurt. And I'm trying to not take the pain meds too often I can take them every four hours of I need to but I'm trying not to

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