Spent the whole night arguing with my best friend, woke up hella early to go with my parents and brother to see Wreck It Ralph (Adorable) and there was a silent movie short that made me think of Colin. When i got home, i needed to sleep off whatever metal blah was goin on. so i did. i looked over and Colin was laying next to me. He wrapped me up in his arms and started telling me how things didn't suck that bad. I woke up alone crying, in a cocoon of then clothes i've thrown on my bed through out the week, Colin's shirt, blankets, and pillows.
But i did realize things "Didn't suck that bad."
....Thank you Brain....
gummybear13 gummybear13
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awww I have had dreams with my marine also!!

Aw you've been dreaming of him? Me too, i've been missing my baby, don't worry it will be better soon.