End Of Deployment...

Ok, so deployment is coming to a close SUPER soon...and as the days begin to dwindle into single digits I have a question for you ladies who have been through this. Does anyone else get anxious/nervous on top of the excitement? I'm sure I'm not alone just some of the craziest thoughts just pop into my head like "what if he doesn't like the house, what if he doesn't like me when he gets back, what if we can't settle back into our 'normal' lives, blah blah blah" the list goes on but it's totally ridiculous stuff and I know it is and he thinks i'm crazy at this point lol. That being said I am so worn out between school, trying to get the truck ready for him, trying to get the apartment finished, looking for a new car for myself since obviously he'll need his back, everything just kinda crept up on me and my schedule is terrible right now. Blahhhhhh so ready to see Nick though I CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT Y'ALL! lol His friends are already makin plans for when they come back and i'm over here like everyone just hold up, slow down I want some alone time before we start hitting up bonfires and letting people crash at our house lol. On a side note does anyone else watch Revenge? I have a feeling I will be spending sunday nights alone because my mom got me hooked on it and Nick's like it sounds like a girly show i'm goin to sleep before it starts lol.
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lol I go teeny bit insane too seriously because I literally drive myself insane with the what if's AJ actually starts with the count to when it starts lol go a little crazy it's your prerogative!! I started watching the first season then life happened at the hospital but for Christmas I got the first season on DVD and saw the second season had already started I do enjoy even if I've only watched like three episodes it could definitely be my new thing I must admit!! I'm so excited for you frigging yay and finally!!

I haven't dealt with coming home from deployment but I do watch Revenge. :) I started watching it when it first started airing because I watch Once Upon a Time that comes on right before Revenge.

I'm so glad I found you and all of this lol Elijah just deployed and I'm already feeling some of those things.. A little too soon Haha but I'm so excited for you , good luck!

Thanks! If you ever wanna talk feel free to message me :)

Thank you! I will! :)

My Marine was nervous about me not liking him after his deployment...I was internally happy when the told me :)

lol. Nick doesn't seem too worried about that, his thoughts are more like i hope you like me even more because i've been working out for 6.5months straight haha. But hearing that I'm sure was super special, it's so sweet.

Ahh im so excited for you!!!! Ive only been to my brothers home coming so i can only imagine how it is for you to finally have your man coming home!

I'm with ya on the end coming soon. I can't believe Ryan will be come back soon and I've been so anxious over him and my kids meeting. All my friends want to meet Ryan and I'm like I'm I nee to have time with him first but you will meet him and like I know his buddies will want to see him too. Hopefully everything will work out for you.

I hope everything works out for you as well!

Thanks! Ill just be happy to have him home. I know you'll feel the same with nick