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I haven’t posted in a while and you probably all think see that Storm she gets married then thinks ha to all of unmarried losers not true I’m dog tired really it’s insane as to how busy I got over night I don’t know whether I’m coming or going then just as I start settling down AJ’s schedule fills right on up lol god how I love the USMC. Alright there’s a lot I need to catch up on here and I’ll get right on that eventually lol‼ As for a quick update on what’s going on and I’ll quickly reintroduce myself again.

I’m Storm and AJ is my husband we got married last year August – by the way I put up the proper wedding photo’s for my stalkers they up now yay‼ - and I’ve known AJ my whole life we grew up together and have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Getting together didn’t just involve us getting together we both freaked out because we had a crush on each other and kind of stopped talking and it took us nearly two years to actually say the actual words of ok lets do this and even then it was a 6 hour conversation of what if this or that then just when we’s and if we’s started AJ finally said so we doing this then and my response being I think so grasshopper lol I still feel like this whole thing is a dream‼ However I’ve never once regretted my decision ever I couldn’t be happier and I can’t believe my knight in shinning amour has always been right next to me. We’ve been through a lot since getting to together AJ’s been on back to back deployments and I actually think this has been the longest he’s been home in 5 years although our schedules suck right now it’s just awesome not worrying about him I can finally relax‼  Last year AJ re-upped and as hard as the decision was then I completely understand why he’s a career marine and I knew way before we even got together the good news is he’s kind of at the point of being non-deployable for a while because of his back to back deployments but will go when needed so yes the middle of the night calls and the 4 hour pre-deployment waits are still very real for me it’s happened before and I’m not going to get to comfortable thinking that, that was the last time at this point however just getting the time I do with him is more than what I will ever need and I’m more than grateful for that.
At the end of last year I found out my dad had cancer and I couldn’t haven’t kids give or take a couple of months inbetween but more or less the same time through this whole thing AJ has been by my side since day one including during a deployment he’s been amazing with everyone AJ’s constantly tells me that because I’m daddy’s little girl there’s only one person he needs and wants to get full support from and that’s my dad. AJ’s been awesome with this whole thing he’s spending more and more time with dad and this weekend I was shocked to see how close they’ve gotten over the last couple of weeks it’s amazing to see. As for me he pulled off his AJ way that has completely rubbed off on me he know’s I was heartbroken and scared and has literally been my only life line over the last few month having him beside me or not I’ve known ever step of the way he was there for me his picked up the pieces and kind of put me back together there has never been anyone like him trading him in will never be an option for all his faults and issues and problems I’ve taken him for who he is and I never want that to change I’ll never change that because all of it makes him who he is today. AJ and I are definitely still in post honeymoon bliss however I don’t think that we’ve ever really gotten over that either and honestly I don’t think I ever will for everything we’ve been through coming home to him at the end of the day makes up for it in more ways than one‼ I will always love him and probably have none of that will ever change‼
To the girls starting out on this: Stay strong positive and never loose who you are people aren’t going approve they are going to say stupid things and you going to get mad and sad over the moon hopping happy all at the same time and for one reason only the person you fell in love with holds your heart in his hands don’t ever forget those moments you are stronger than you think and know that as hard as it seems now that at some point we’ve all been there it still happens to the people that have been doing this longer it still happens to me – cry laugh and feel you allowed to it NEVER means you weak and NEVER means you cant do this.
To the girls I already and know me: hey I’m still here everything is great and if you are a friendly stalker the wedding photo’s are officially up I haven’t finished them yet lol but I keep getting kicked off and hope you all doing well. How weird is that putting up photo’s in the first place made me start with this babble lol if anyone has figured out my mind yet please let me I’d like get to know it too‼  Ramble over– time for me to catch up‼ Hope you all well‼ 
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Welcome back busy lady :) I hope things slow down some for you and AJ at the same time soon, I'm off to wedding photo stalk lol