We Have Been Engaged For 2 Month Today:)

But I haven't heard from him since 11th December, god I miss him. Pray that nothing bad happen to him. Hate to wait for that phonecall or email. Yearn to hear anything. How long can it really take, need to hear from him.

Thanks for reading it.

Hope u guys doesn't need to wait this long:(
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Chin up girl, try to think positive. On the last deployment my friend and her man went through she got 2 calls and 1 email from him the entire time just because of where he was located. She says what got her through it was keeping her mind in a positive place, making big plans instead of going through the what ifs. I hope you hear from him soon though!

Omg!! How long was he's deployment??



Oh, What difficult it must have been for her.