Little Signs

Well just dropped Ryan off at the airport! It was I think to the day one year ago that he left last year. How funny is that?! Last time he left it was suppose to be for 3 months and it ended up being almost 8. This time it is just suppose to be 2 weeks but I'm so worried its going to be longer! I mean this is the USMC we are talking about lol! Anyways, after I dropped him off and headed home I noticed this car with a USMC sticker. The next car I passed was his cars twin! It always makes me laugh how as soon as they are gone you start to notice little things like that! Hope everyone is doing well!!
Newmarinegf Newmarinegf
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

lol i know its crazy right!! It happens to me all the time hope it's not another 8 months!!

It better not be! I would go mental!! Lol. I'm having those first few days withdrawals from him right now. It is kinda nice though, he's a lot sweeter when he's gone! I still would rather him home of course.

lol AJ gets sweeter as well but yes definitely enjoy him more while he's home. Hope you get over your withdrawals fast hang in there!!