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Lady's Lady's!!! Hope you are all doing great is soo hot over here. First it was all cold for like weeks now sunny days hahaha that's southern California weather. Okay so am so happy!!! This weekend was amazing i got to talk to my baby finally. The first call was Saturday at 10:03pm I was just doing on the computer and this weird number calls am like "weird but i'll ansewer" I didn't recognized his voice am like "who's this" and his all like "your Boyfriend" my heart literally stopped and i just screamed!!! I was so excited i held all my tears in but the whole time we talked i had the biggest smile. That night i just couldn't sleep i was to excited and at the same time sad. That call just helped me going the next day just made so happy and just was like overwhelming. I love him with all my heart. The next day he called me again and explained how about 50 Marines lost their liberty because they didn't pass the test. He also explained why he didn't have his phone, that's why he was using his friends phone. It was great to talk to him i actually got to tell him what was going on and how i felt. At the time i just couldn't help but to cry and tell him about my grandma. I felt so much better when i told him and i knew he felt bad because he can be here. Hopefully i do get to see him next week tho, even if its just fir 2 hours. Take care ladies hope you all have a great afternoon!!!
Semper Fi <3333
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O so you live in southern call, awesome so you can go to the graduation. I want to go so badly and it has taken a lot to not go this weekend in the hopes that they will have alpha liberty but I am 7 hours away so its to far.

Yes i live an hour away from where they are right now. Yes am planning to go this time hopefully my parents don't oppose to my decision since it is a school day. Yes am not sure yet either because if that's the case his mom will sure go pick him up. That will be great so lets see what happens. Aww really it sucks when you live far away uh? That's how am going to feel when he leaves to Pensacola

Aww Congrats! Happy To Hear Some Of You Ladies Are Getting Calls

yeah you havent gotten any calls yet??

Not Yet :'c But I Really Hope This Weekend since its his last weekend in mct.

awww hopefully he does call you. Because my bf wasnt using his phone they wouldnt give it back to him so he used his friends phone.

Oh Wow. Well My Boyfriend Doesnt Know My Number By Memory -.- Lol

Dont worry mine doesnt either lol. But he most likely didnt pass his test so he may have lost liberty.

Probably. As Long As He Graduates On Time And He Doesnt Stay Longer. I Cant take anymore of this guessing game anymore

hahaha for realz i hate to do that too!!

aww relly that sucks i made my bf memorixe it before he left

aawww ally really my bf told me he almost didnt pass and the one that was suppostu be his buddy failed so he was stuck with some one else

Yeah i shouldve done the same but i guess it slipped my mind -.-

hahahaha dont worry he will comunicate with you

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Awe congrats :)

Im so happy for you! :)

awww thank you!!