This is a bit of topic but i need advice. i tried to fix everything with my best friends fiance and she went coocoobears and there was a big fight between her and i. its killing my best friend and he practically begged me to bite the bullet and apologize. even hes said i don't have anything to apologize for but it will ease the craziness for him. I am a prideful person......should i bite the bullet to save my friendship.....but then will it even help if this girl is this insane????
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I would apologize to help your friend, but maybe have a talk with him about what's going on with her. If he loves her but is cowering from her craziness then he needs to man up and call her out on it. She may not realize what she is doing is wrong, but he needs to ask her to calm down to help his relationships with both of you.

If you value that friendship I would. I mean what's the harm in saying a few meaningless words to help a friend?

I think that as long as your conscious is clear and YOU knowww you did nothing wrong and its just for the sake of your friend then its ok if you "apologize"