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Some of you ladies have gone months and months without seeing your men. Since the husband has been out if MCT the longest we have gone without seeing each other is a month and maybe a week it mostly has to do with the fact that hes only 6hrs away from me and ive been able to drive there and pick him up. But i honestly admire you all for being strong! Ive been thinking about this all day. Ive been so lucky that we can see each other so often. Honestly im freaking out on the inside because we have a feeling his C school will be on the west coast, but i know its just a step closer to being able to live together. On a side note hes coming home on Friday! And he got us a room for the weekend so we can have US time! Super excited!! :)
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I hope that I am as lucky as you, My fiance is going to mos school next week and he will be seven hours away. So hopefully I will see him often. Are you planning to move with your husband once he is stationed?

I hope you are able to do the same! There have been times when he would call me on a Thursday and tell me he had a weekend off and i would drive there early Friday just to pick him up and drive back to GA for the weekend. Yes i am, we just have to wait for him to finish school and then we can start planning on me moving :)

Do you know his station?

Right now hes in NAS Pensacola. Hes been there since late August and he gets to pick his orders tomorrow to find out where hes going next!

That is so exciting well best of luck, I am planning to move this summer after we get married as long as he is stationed in the U.S.

Thank you :) and that's awesome. Are you going to wait until he is done with his schooling?

Ya his schooling is about four months so he will be done in May or June and then he will he will be stationed, at least that is what he has told me. We haven't spoken to much about our wedding because I have only gotten one call since he has been in but from what we talked about we will be getting married once he finds out his duty station, so either right before he finishes school or right after.

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Enjoy your weekend!! And that positive thinking that c school is one step closer will get you through the time apart if he does get west coast. You're strong too :)

Thanks :)

All I got from that was US time, haha jk
That's awesome & everything that happens such as distance, time going w/ out seeing them will pay off eventually. :)

Haha i meannnn shoooot x3 and yeah it will really really soon! Gahh im so excited!