Birthday Wish

today is officially my birthday. hes deployed. i wish it wasnt my birthday, all i want is him and to be in his arms. i feel so alone, im working the second half of the day but earlier in the day i have absolutley nothing to do. everyone will be at work, i dont have class on tuesdays. i cant talk to my marine right now and thats all i want. i think im just going to go to the beach and layout until i have to go to work. work will keep my busy. im sorry gals i just needed to vent. my marine and i havnt gotten to spend my birthday together in 4 years. the first 2 years he was sick or our plans didnt work out. and the past 2 years he was stationed out of state or deployed. again sorry, just needing to vent right now, im angry at the world. few more months and ill get to see him, almost there....
JazzyluvsRamos JazzyluvsRamos
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Hey i know it's late but happy birthday i know it's sucks not having him this this will actually be our first birthdays together since getting together this it's extremely exciting however i know that feeling i felt exactly the same last year but still i hope you had a good day anyway beside all this!!

Just keep in mind that everything you do, will soon pay off.
Spend you day to pamper yourself. Treat yourself, mani pedi, hair style, shopping, something you enjoy!

I'm sorry to hear you were so down when you wrote this, I hope your day got better. Happy Birthday! I know it sucks to spend it without the bf (I did) But try to make the most of it. Go out with friends to celebrate, and if you can't do it during the week do it on the weekend! Keep your head up!