Spring Break!

So I Was Thinking About My Spring Break This Year. . . Usually I Dont Do Anything Over Spring Break But This Year Im Thinking Road Trip To Missouri To See My Man. BUT Im Not Too Sure How That Would Work. I Was Wondering If Any Of You Ladies Went To See Your Man While He Was Schooling? I Kinda Wanna Have It Planned Out And Be A Surprise For Him. So Any Help Would Nice!

-Semper Fi<3
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Ok So No Surprise :/ But Thats Fine As Long I Can See Him. He'll Be At An Army Base In Missouri And I Live In Houston So It'll Be A Good While To Get There. His Little Brother Wants To Go Too. Ive Heard A Bunch Of Stuff Too. But Im Not Quite Sure How Its Gonna Work Out.

I am trying to go see my marine as soon as possible. But the best thing is to wait a few weeks for him to get settled into his mos school, so that he will know all the rules. The last thing I would want is for you to go all the distance especially because gas is expensive and not be able to see him. So by march he should be pretty well settled in and there is a good chance that he will be able to see you on one of the weekend of spring break. Idk if easter counts as a major holiday or not so that could change things as well.

Yeah I Know. Hes Still In Mct Right Now So March Is A While away but most deff im trying to go see him. So ill just wait it out and see what he says(:

Don't worry youll figure something out. If there's a will then there's a way :)

In deed There Is(: Thanks Girls&lt;3

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Ally is right a lot if different Things will factor into him being able to see you or not. You'll be more familiar with the curfew rules onces he starts school and hope he doesn't have duty or anything that wont allow him off base. Ive gone down to FL to pick him up several times....there are ways for him to sneek off...but then again you might need to tell him about it first....unless you became friends with his roommate or something and help you plan it out.

I am hoping to go see my fiance over spring break as well but its only 7 hours away, so its not a major road trip just one long night. But I have heard that they only get certain weekend s of. Well I have heard all kinds of things. I have heard that they can leave over night on the weekends as long as they are back in time for class. I have heard they have to be back by 10 or 12. I have also heard that they can leave base after class on the weekdays as long as they are back by curfew. Idk everything is very confusing. I am not sure that you will be able to keep it a surprise because you are going to need him in order to plan it, you will have to make sure he can come off base and see you, see if he can spend the night, make sure he doesn't have fire watch. etc.