I Have Questions???

My fiance and I will be getting married soon. He starts mos school next week and it will be about 4 months long. So this summer I am planning to move with him, by this time we will be married.

How does moving with him work?
When he goes to report to his duty station do I move as well? Or would I have to wait some amount of time?
Once he is stationed, will he be in the barracks or elsewhere because he is married.
I know that when married you are moved out of the barracks. I just don't know how everything works for a married man going to his first duty station, with his wife?

If anybody can help me understand I would appreciate it.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I'm on the same boat as you but I've stayed inform wih many milsos. Depending if you are getting married before mos school he should take a copy of your marriage certificate so he can turn it in at mos school to be process when given his duty station also so you have time to get your Id and get into the Deers program which is for all you benefits. Once in mos they will process that his married and tht way you are in his orders depending at what point he is told his station you guys can look for housing either on or off base your choice. You will get bha either way. Some choose off base to get t quicker thee on but there's a waiting list. Up to you guys if u want to wait. Also by mos the will process the difference in pay and seperation pay since your away. Tell him to try to stay on top of it. Hope it helped. (: good luck!