Distant, Maybe It's Cause Deployment Is Near The End

Ryan has been pretty distant the last 2 weeks. I was able to text him and have a small conversations with him after my car accident but since them he hasn't been responsive. I make it a point to tell him daily I love him cause he told me back in December it makes him smile. But I'm hoping that being close to the end of his deployment he just doesn't really have the time to talk. It kinda bums me out to hear all you other ladies get to talk to you man and here I sit just hoping to get a hello even if that's all I get. Really not sure if I should just cut him some slack because he's coming to the end of deployment or if I have a right to feel hurt that it seems like he's ignoring me.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Sweety remember at the end of a deployment it gets chaotic new guys come take over from the old there's brief to briefs and debriefs after the original debriefs the old try and settle in the new and they start wrapping everything up so they can come back and feel as their job their job there is done. The end of a deployment for me is a lot worse than the beginning of one because he's tired and he just wants to get home already all that pressure all that stuff that been happening starts to resurface I think if I get to speak to AJ once in the last few months of deployment that's a lot. It's crazy busy AJ always tells toward the end how he feels like he's neglecting me and in a way he is but once again you've just got to let it slide and not take it personally keep doing what you doing and understand that in no way does he not want to be there for you. You the most important person for him right now you his reason so keep being that reason and really truly and honestly through a whole deployment the last two and half months for me suck because the communication between us is more limited than ever - hang in there you've got this!!

Thanks storm. I'm trying to keep my head up. Things have just been rough for me since my accident and its hard not being able to talk to the man I love. But I hope he doesn't get frustrated with me by texting him when it's morning for him just tell him I love him and that I miss him an have a good day. I think it should help him but its hard to say ya know