He Picked His Orders!

So the husband finally picked his orders today andddd he picked east coast!! When i read the text i started crying because i was so happy. My mom was sitting across from me and got scared because she didn't know if it was good or bad haha. If all goes well he will be going to NC which isn't that far!! (8hr drive is definitely worth it).And to top it all off hes going to try and get RA so before he has to leave. This day couldn't get any better :)
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6 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Yay congrats that's frigging awesome news!!

YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! (: and thats funny to me when people dont know how to react because good will make us cry just as fast as bad news lol.

Awww yay!! Do you get to go,too? I'm happy you got good news :)

Unfortunately no i dont :/ but now we kind of know his graduation date so we have a better idea of when i will be able to move with him :D

Awesome! So great for you to finally know!!

Thats great. You have been getting pretty lucky i hope it continues. My marine may get ra too. He heard his classes may nit start righy up so his recruiter said he would bring him home for ra.

Yeah life has been getting pretty dandy lately! And that's awesome.news for you!

If I could drive to where my Marine is I would, so you 8 hours are awesome! envy envy envy...good though :)

That's awesome, i'n glad things are truly getting better for both of you :)
NC isn't far away at all.

Not at all! That means i can start school here too! :D

Congrats! Now you know and get started on the stuff you told me :)