How Far Would You Drive For One Night With Him

My Fiance is suppose to call me if he does get Over Night liberty this weekend from mct. If he does get it, then it would start on saturday and go until sunday evening sometime. The thing is I have work until four on Saturday and wouldn't get to Oceanside until 9;30 or 10 depending on how fast I drive. Then I would get to spend that night with him and some of Sunday. Then I would head back that same sunday, because I cannot attend the mct graduation due to classes I can not miss.

My question is, am I crazy for even thinking about driving that far for one night?
Would you ladies drive the distance?

I need advice from people who know how missing someone so much feels.
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10 Responses Jan 25, 2013

Im from san jose and i took the bus all the way down to camp pendleton. It took me about 8-9 hours to get there.
It was so worth it! Even though it was terrifying. See his surprised face was all worth it :)

I don't know if you eventually got to see him, but I really hope you did! I don't think there's anything wrong with driving hours to spend time with a very special person in your life, especially if that person's your marine! :)

My marine was going off to training the next day so I drove from LA to Twentynine Palms after a 9 hours work day, spent 7 hours with him, left at 4:30 in the morning and got back to work by 8:20am. I know it's not a five hour+ one way drive for some of you who replied but the six hours round trip was completely worth it and it would have been totally worth it even if it was to spend an hour with him. This will not be the last time I pull this. I'm just glad I can see him. This won't even be possible once he deploys.

I never got to see him. I waited for a call. But it never came.

I'm so sorry to hear that. You must miss him terribly. :( hang in there!

Its ok. I am hoping for a call today. Hopefully he at least gets his phone today.

Nope he didnt get it. Still no call and the days is going away. I was gonna leave at four if he called but four has now passed and no call. Im upset. I was sure they would get it because another marine that graduated last month told me that he would for sure get it but I guess he was wrong.

Starting to feel like they are not going to get the liberty. I think it would have started by now if they were gonna get it. But it is still early enough for hope.

Eeeeeek (: you should so do it! My husband was stationed at pendleton aand I live 5 hours away from it and would visit him whenever I could.

Drive safe! The only thing I hate is the traffic! Lol

My fiance drove 7 hours to come see me for a night for our anniversary. I didn't really have a clue until he showed up. But he stayed one night and left that next afternoon. Now he's on his way to Korea and I won't see him until summer. To answer your question, no you are not crazy :)

if i could drive. id do it in a heart beat. i miss the hell out of that man.

I would do it definitively! Just drive safe please :) did you see Valentine's day where Julia Roberts is a captain in the U.S. Army on a one-day leave? she took a flight and then waited for hours for a taxi, all that to see her son which by the way was sleeping when she got home, she only got that night.

Do the drive, and on your way listen to "I Drove all night" by Celine Dion, I promise it will set the mood.

"I drove all night
Crept in your room
Woke you from your sleep
To make love to you"

woo hooo!!!!

Yes I did see that movie. Well now I really hope he gets it. I will drive safe.

No your not crazy, go for it.
I would do it. I'm pretty sure many of us would. It's understandable & it's not like your going to attend his graduation right? ;)

No I can't go to the graduation, I have classes all day on tuesday and we are doing assignments they won't let me make up. Thank you. If he calls me I will go right after work ,just needed reassurance.

Awesome :)
Oh yes it's ok, I'd do it!
Your not the only one that would try to make the most of being w/ your love ❤

Your not crazy! I would do it. Im sure that it would make him so happy to see you and i bet he would do that for you :)

Yes he would go for me, I am pretty sure. I just packed my bag so that I can take it to work and be ready in case he calls and tells me the good news. Thank you.