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So my marine still has about four months left until he gets stationed somewhere which is fine because I have four months until my semester is over. The thing is I currently live with my father while going to college in San Jose and waiting for my marine to get stationef so I can move with him ( btw my dad moved here about a year ago and I stayed in sac with my grandma to finish high school) I just found out today that my dad is most likely going to transfer to San Diego for work. So in less than a month I will be on my own. I have to find a place to live for the next four months. Nobody does a four month lease. I need to find a room to rent. Im just stressed because its such short notice Im a full time student so I make **** money right now. Aghhh just needed to vent. I hope my marine calls tomorrow I need to talk to him.
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2 Responses Jan 27, 2013

Aww you stay calm and things will fall into place. Don't stress out tooo much about it I Know may seem like that. since your still in college...... Lets pray you find an aparment in a week!

I'm sure you can find a apartment that works with you weekly!
Don't worry everything will fall into place.