I Need Advice If Yall Read The Poem I Posted

I posted a poem on here a while back.
Well it's getting published and i got the proof back today. They asked me to write a personal statement less than 100 words. writing a poem with a bunch of rules wasn't hard yet some how this is?? i want to aknowlage the marine girlfriends, fiances, and wives that the poem hopefully speaks to. now that i know its going to actually be sold in stores and online. i'm freaking out. HHHHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP
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2 Responses Jan 31, 2013

Aw wow congrats i know i'm late but that's awesome news!!

That is so amazing!Congratulations! I hadn't read your poem until just now, and it definitely is something I think a lot of us go through. I would just right from the heart; like you did with the poem. Give a brief synopsis of how hard it is to live the life as a Marine's significant other, but also how much it is WORTH IT! Or maybe talk about what Semper Fi means to you. Hope that's a little helpful.