Freaking Out.

I keep reading these stories of these Marines breaking it off with their women, and it's starting to worry me. Especially because none of them ever saw it coming. I don't think Tyler would ever do anything like that to me, but I'm sure these women didn't think their men would do that to them either. I'm probably just overreacting, I know that. Ugh, it hasn't even been one week since he's been gone. I need to hear from him. I just miss him so much, and I need some kind of reassurance that he misses me as much as I miss him.
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I am the same right now I know how much it hurts.. I been waiting on his letter and I to been reading lots of negative stuff.. its just sad.. mine left feb 11th 2013 to san diego cal.
Anyways* I hope we get goodnews WISH U THE BEST cuz I know how it feels...

this scares me sooo much too. the other day i got a letter from him yelling at me for absolutely nothing. i worry about it everyday! i'm sure it'll be okay for both of us though, stay strong girl!

Don't Worry It Doesn't Always Happen. Me And My Marine Will Make 3 years In April. And were actually talking about getting married in August. my Cousin is also a marine and He's been happily married since he was 18. He's now 24 with 3 kids. If You Need Someone To Talk To You Can Message Me. I'm Still New To This Marine Girlfriend Life but it's always nice to have new milso friends. It helps alot.

Thanks ladies!

Awww dont worry, just know that he will write to you soon. Usually the family gets the first letter. There are many stories that people do break it off but there are a lot others that don't. I even made a friend on here young and happily married everything is different. Don't dwell on the negativeness just push forward and be supportive when you speak to him! If you need anything message me :)

Just take a deep breath and breath. The first week my husband was at boot camp I felt like he didn't miss me either and all these crazy thoughts. We think these things cause we are do used to talking to our boys everyday and when we don't have that we automatically think different. Once you get his first letter you feel a sense of relief and you will probably cry. If you know your boyfriend loves you, you have nothing to worry about. Just stay strong! Write to him every moment possible so he knows your still supporting him and love him and how proud you are of him.