You All Are SO Lucky...

I envy each and every one of you who's man still loved you when he got out of bootcamp and that didn't let the so called brain washings they do at bootcamp get to your love....
i just need a place to vent and type everything i'm feeling right now...
mad, annoyed, sad, furious, confused..
a couple months ago, my boyfriend graduated from bootcamp. nov 18.
before he left, we weren't exactly the best couple.. he always put me second to everything, but i was too in love to even care. i was leaving for college in september, and we talked about how no matter what, we were going to make it work.
he graduates bootcamp, and i broke up with him. why? i realized how much of an ******* he was. after 3 months of no communication, only letters, he texts me saying "i'm out" i ask him to call me and he said he can't cuz he's on the road. okay, what about when he gets home? nope, too tired he says. then my brother tells me he's online for xbox live. then for a week, he blows me off, wanting to go see his friends and show off his title. blows off me. the girl he said he loved. we broke up. he agreed. he told me i deserved better. we kissed goodbye, so i was okay, i wasn't too devastated.
then, in january, we start talking again. my feelings come back.
and so do his.
we start skyping, and he tells me how pretty i am, how much he misses me. whenever we text, which was everyday for a month, we texted like we were dating. he flirted with me, i flirted back. called me beautiful, saying he hopes he can see me soon.
then, one day, i decide to tell him how i feel about him.
and he totally rejects me.
he said he wants to be single.
to focus on his training.
and how if we get together he's afraid he'll hurt me cuz he might do something stupid like cheat on me.
he thinks, now that he's a marine, he can get any girl he wants.. ugh whatever.
i move on. he says he wants to be friends, and if we can forget about this convo.
i agree.
he continues ..
then like 2 weeks ago, he asked me what my feelings were for him. and he said he still loves me.
but then says he just wants to be friends. doesn't know what he wants. acting like a complete ****. thinking that now that he's all buff, he can get anyone, so doesn't want to be tied down to me.
and he tells me he's talking to another girl.
completely breaks my heart.
it was very hard. .. but i told him not to talk to me anymore.
not to text me.
he's such a jerk.
the marine's completely changed him. he let it happen. he used to be the sweetest guy ever.. always get upset when i wouldn't hold his hand. ...
you girls are so lucky. i don't blame the marines. i blame him.
i no longer have a marine title of a usmc gf...
cuz we are never ever ever... getting back together.
foreverar foreverar
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thanks girls...

I am in the army myself and it is true what they say about brainwash I sat there listing to what they tell this private especially since most of them are young they tell us to focus on out $$ not love and how for the males the girl is going to cheat on them and it never works out and blah blah blah thats why I listin but the sad partis that all this talks makes them change

Good for you! You deserve someone better who will treat you right and love you unconditionally!

I think ur right to just stop communicating. But to be honest it sounds like he was this guy before he left he just uses the Marines as an excuse to his own problems with commitment. Its nothing to do with you and when he says he love you he probably means it but he's enjoying being in the "college phase" just like you should be. Go out and enjoy life and don't worry about being tied down. if he messages you ignore him as hard as it will be. Go let another man show you how much you are worth and don't wait on any man. Make them realize that you won't sit there and let them be the one in control of your emotions, you are the one in control and you will find that the right guy will realize that if he doesn't woo you and give it his all you will keep walking because you are one hell of a woman and worth being number one and never number 2 to anything.

I think youre feelings are totally waranted and this guy will eventually realize you know how much you are worth and aren't taking anything less then the best...then he will procceed to kick himself for not putting you first and loosing you because he thought you would always be there when he wanted your attention.

Just don't forget what you're worth and don't settle. Your awesome, strong and beautiful and don't forget it

i really do hope he realizes what he lost. there are not that many girls out there who are willing to be in a long distance committed relationship, especially with someone in the military.
its been 10 days since i've talked to him last. my feelings are actually slowly starting to go away, since i've been talking to this new (million times sweeter) guy.. but i'm not going to lie.. at the end of the day, i can't help to think what could have been if he werent such a jerk..

You might think about it forever, you can't forget that it happened just keep moving forward. He will always be part of who you are its just a matter of knowing that it made you a stronger more awesome you because you know what you're worth and remembering he was a good man when he wanted to be but that wasn't enough to make him the right one for you

I agree with Pashflower22, no communication is the best thing. I know we sometimes want to be around and be able to talk to them but that is not good.

I had a bf before (Marine) and used to do that, still does. Break up with me, then calls me and tells me he is thinking about me, then cut communication again, see other girls while talking to me...Even now that I'm in a healthy relationship, almost a year after we definitively broke up (he did the unthinkable) he wrote me back! I thought about been friends, he wants me to write him and tell him how my life is going, but you know what? he can kiss my )(&^^ I wont ruin the great relationship I have with my bf for a guy not event worth a friendship.

Don't lose your time with that guy

aww, how cute.
actually, this really sweet guy has been trying to get me to go on a date with him for weeks, so i'm probably going to give him a chance ^-^

you go girl, give that man, give you a chance :) worst thing that can happen is you ending up with a friend

Good luck

i gave him a chance... he ended up just wanting one thing..
i have the WORST luck with guys ever..

I don't want to be mean but I laughed, it reminded me a couple of stories. Doesn't it suck when you meet some amazing guy but they just want ONE thing? awful

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Im sorry! But best thing to do is cut of communcation with him! I know its hard but seems best for you and your heart