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For all of you ladies whose Marines have already graduated, did they completely change when they were out of boot camp? I'm terrified that Tyler will be a completely different person when he gets out.
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Oh wow! I feel much better to know I'm not the only one feeling like this.. I was also wondering the same cuz I been reading a lot of negative stuff.. my recruit left 2weeks ago haven't hear form him haven't got any letters from him letting me know he's ok.. I can't help it but it feels like a break up to me I feel like if he forgot about me already and that he never loved me...

Thank you so much. And, I'm glad he decided to work things out with his family and that things are great between you two!

My boyfriend is 25 and he just finished Boot Camp last month and when we first saw each other it was so surreal so it was a little different but he was sick and it was crazy for both of us that that day was finally here. He was still the same guy that left me 3 months prior. Boot camp made us stronger and more in love with each other than ever. He is so much funnier since boot camp and I would say an even better person. Boot camp change him for the better and I didnt think that was possible becuase he was already great before hand. But he was distant from his family and boot camp made him realize that that wasnt the answer and any problems that they had wasnt worth it and since they have become alot closer and before he left to boot camp we had been together for 6 months and I had never met his family. He spent alot of time with mine and they love him. But I since boot camp ended Ive met his family and spent alot of time with them over the past month. I think he sees and trusts that I will always be there so he really wanted me to meet them. Its been great and honestly were stronger than ever. We have 5 more weeks of SOI and then he will be home to me since he is a reservist. Its been a long 5 months but worth it. I love him so much and this time apart has really shown that to me. Take it each day at a time it makes it go by faster!

To be honest with you he did change but, I mean it wasnt a bad change it actually good. At least for a few days then well he went back to been himself and just more confident on what he did. He use to be quiet shy boy now he was like more out there. I liked it though just dont stress about it that doesn't help believe me.

When I went down to my marines graduation, he was a whole nother person. I cried once I got back to the hotel, I never thought the change was going to be that big. He was strict, didnt smile, and wouldn't talk. Although once him and I were alone, we were back to normal. Just give him time, I promise he'll be okay after a day or two.

I Thought My Boyfriend Was Gonna Change Too But He Actually Didn't. WELL Not With Me Anyways. He's still the sane guy I fell in love with. Some girls told me he would and that our relationship would be different. But He's still the sane with me. Now with other people he has. He's not as shy as he used to be. He likes to talk alot of crap to EVERYONE. and that boy can EAT!

Thank you so much! (:

All Marines do change in boot camp that is for sure but not in a bad way. When my fiance left for boot camp I was terrified that he was gonna change so much and not be the same person I fell in love with, thru this letters he sounded like the same person and when I finally got to see him, yes he was different but he was still the same old funny guy that fell in love with, just more confident and mature:) and after boot camp was done he went back to his normal self, it just took a few days to get him back into the motion of a normal lifestyle that's all. But like I said they act more confident and mature and think they are know-it-all's lol, try not to dwell on things that make you worry a lot cuz it will make you go crazy, stay positive and keep your head up, it gets way easier!:) Semper Fi<3