My Marine Husband

I am married to a Marine. Yeah at times it is a little rough. But when I married him I knew what I was taking on I wasn't just marring him I married the Marine Corps. also. And I am ok with that. I will tell you this you have to be stronger than your Marine. Cause they look at us for support. The only way they can do there job is if they know we are ok and we are supporting them. I don't refret marrying him one bit and I never will.
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Hello Ladies, I am very new to this and have been with my former Marine for almost 3 years and we recently got married, but truthfully, yes I knew what I was getting into but things are so much more difficult to understand. We have a long distance relationship right now temporarily which does not help but I need some serious help and advice - can someone please help me?

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Yea I've been married to my husband for a year and half now its been tuff but It's well worth it because I love my Marine sniper.

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my husband & my brother were in the marines & i love them both very much. i thank god everyday for them!

And I still say **** you. And for your information I am in the military myself. And yes it's scary but you have no ******* idea what we go through on a daily basis. We are still heroes and whether you think so or not. We may be fighting for awkward things but it's still keeping America safe and a different kind of life is provided for Americans that if you had taken away wouldn't know what to do. So shut your mouth and stop bringing these amazing women down, they don't need that.

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I just got engaged to a Marine. I knew what I was getting into from day one and still couldn't be happier. To all you Marine wives: thank you for showing me how to be the best wife I can be. I know it is going to be hard, but I'd do anything for the man I love :) Semper Fi!

I am a marine gf soon to be wife. I completely agree bc we have men. Of course they are going to worry about us so we do have to be extra strong. My other half is deployed right now and it is really hard. I don't want to distract him so I try hard not to tell him anything bad going on. My car broke down and is currently broke down. I finally couldn't take it anymore and had to tell him, but with telling him I assured him I am taking care of it. I love him so much and this is so hard. Has your husband been deployed?

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My son is going into the US MARINES and will be leaving for basic training in a few weeks. Miss him terribly already. Thanks to you and your husband for your loyalty, allegiance, committment, and service. Be well.

I LOVEDDDD reading this!!! I agree completely, we have to be there to help them through :) Without our motivation & support, they wouldn't have a drive to get through it!

I am a wife of a marine the thing is I haven't seen r talk to him in 11YRS BY NOW I THOUGHT HE filed for divorce and just said he couldn't find me but I go to take my son to the doctor they say he has a hmo and its Tricare I'm like what so I call and they say yes u and him r .then I really almost fell they say I'm still married to him what do I do how do I find him?someone please help me I have 5more kids now

i love ur saying i knew what i was gettin into not just marryin a marine but marryin the marine corps. i married my husband on May 6th n right after we said our i dos we left and he signd into the marines.. he left on the 24th. i miss him alot. we have a 2 year old daughter. which doesnt know what is goin on but she thinks her dad is at school. which she will know sooner or later. I just wanted to say i love what u had to say. and I know what it means to be married to a marine. maybe not the whole part but somewhat part.

I hope to be just as strong as you when my time finally comes to support the man I love. He was just sworn into the Marine Corps. recently and will leave for officer training in the summer. Our journey hasn't even begun yet, but you are one of those women that was meant to inspire the rest of us! Thank you for posting your story!

the hardest job in te marine corps is being married to one, your a strong person :)

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AlineBlue, please forgive me for being so forward. I dont mean to offend you, but why dont you just ask him if he is in the marine corp or a former marine? Being so far from my marine, I have learned to just be honest and ask questions you may have of your guy. I have received wonderful advice from the girls here at EP. Once I had a similar question about something my guy did or didn't do and the girls said why dont you ask him. I did and everything is ok between us and I am no longer imagining the worse ( It was sorta stupid had something to do with a girl).I hope you find answers to your questions and then can support him the best way you can. Being the girlfriend of a marine is a tough job. Be strong.

My Marine is safely back from Afghan after 8 months. We are so very fortunate but he lost four closest friends by the end of the tour... I am so very thankful and I thanked him for coming back after the 11th deployments. I am so proud of him. I know he needed me during the time. We currently living in a different country but we just spent a wonder vacation together and I see no major PTSD except for him being insomniac a little bit but when we sleep together he sleeps like a baby throughout the night :) I think we deepened our relationship and became much closer during the separation by talking and writing all kinds of things that we don't talk when we are actually together. Think positive and stay strong. If he knows you are always with him, he will come back stronger to be with you. Don't forget that Marines are very committed and remember, "Semper Fidel"! <br />
<br />

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My Fiance is a Marine and I love him so much. I am so happy to see that many ladies feel the same as I do when it comes to cherishing these special men. <br />
<br />
But sometimes, I feel like Iet him down. I wish I could look at a handbook or something so i could be more like him : ) he is so dedicated to getting things done; perfectly, timely, and these are things that sometimes elude me. Are there any books or do some of the married ladies have any tips about how they think? I want to be on the same page as him. <br />
<br />
Thank you all,<br />

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Bald....good god are you trying to start a fight. Everyone here loves a military guy and would do just about anything for that person. And not everyone military guy cheats and yes many women love them but thats what you call a tag chaser and they arent interested in those kinds of girls. So honestly why try and start a fight???

I agree with Ktrouzer are you trying to fight? We stick up for each other here and if your going to bash one your bashing all of us

Marines aren't soldiers. They're f***ing Marines.

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My boyfriend is a Marine officer being deployed in Afghanistan for more than seven months but finally coming back in one month. I never expected it to be so hard but I feel we deepened our relationship in special ways. As Aline Blue says, I wish I have known more how I could support him/Marines from the distance. I did send the care package a few times and email almost every single day, and he calls every time he gets the access to the satellite comm. I live in Japan and have no support group as Marine wives do in the States... I feel alone but I always let him know that I wait for him and support him in any way I can, meantime I am learning more and more how great Marines are and I respect them very much. Now my next question is.... about the post deployment issues if there are any. I have not noticed any problems but if anyone has any suggestion what I should know about it, please let me know.<br />
<br />

Okay lady your not doing any of us good. You need to leave all of us girls alone. We come here for support not to have some chick put us into a good mood when our loved ones are gone serving their country. It may not be yours but if you could understand what were going through i guarantee you would not be insulting our loved ones for giving back. So in other words... LEAVE US ALONE.

Get off or we will tag you...I dont know what happened in your life to make you so cold but we love our men....we dont really care if you do or dont

Hello !<br />
You have a WONDERFUL blog here, and it's great to see how deeply committed you are to your men. My question will seem quite strange to you but I would be grateful for your advice in order to support my man.<br />
<br />
I am a European lady, associated with a wonderful American man. <br />
I feel he is a Former Marine, although he has never told me so. I do have numerous clues that make me 90% certain, but no tangible evidence, i.e. confirmation from him. Never asked him either.<br />
I love him dearly and would like to support him, although he's never told me he is a Marine. <br />
There is a mystery cloud between us, which as girlfriends or wives of Marines you must well understand. <br />
I initially misunderstood this, felt there's something hidden from me, perhaps another woman, but at the verge of separation all he could do was tell me calmly how important I am to him, and how deeply he loves me. <br />
My dear ladies, I bet you understand, cause you perceive from your men this feeling of loyalty, stability, without extreme demonstrations of affection, but a deep-rooted love which you perceive. <br />
I'm sure your men also have this passionate love for their country, this commitment to defend their families, their country, which they demonstrate both verbally and non-verbally, in everything they do. <br />
<br />
Please tell me what to do to support him, how to be by his side. Although he's told me nothing about this part of his life, I've decided to stand by his side and support him. <br />
<br />
Thank you.<br />
Aline Blue

I wish I could honestly be that strong. I show that I am with other people, but I feel as if a large part of me is missing.

thank you for sharing this story. You sound like a wonderful person.

They do say behind every good man is a women who loves him. Thank your husband for me for his service to our country and thank you :)<br />
<br />
I live in buffalo NY and my husband lives in Canada so i know what it is like to miss the man you love. But one thing is true: we never take eachother for granted and i bet that goes double for you!