He Needed a Break

Hey girlies sorry i havent been on in a few days. ANyway Kam and i are taking a break. he said he needs to get used to not seeing me and talking to me everyday and I told him when I he needs me I'l be there and when he gets back home to me we'll be ok. I thought that i'd be heart broken but im content. i know that this isnt about me but something he needs to do. i told him as long as he lets me know his graduation date that he'll see my smiling face when he's declared a Marine. his date got pushed back 2 weeks but because we're on a break i'll only see him probably twice. everyone always says that if u love someone let them go and if they come back it was meant to be and i truely believe that. im going to try and keep busy while he's gone. im wearing his shirt right now lol but girlies ya'll are gonna have to b wit me cuz i kno im not gonna feel content all the time while he's gone lol i love ya'll!!!

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ok, so i get that people need breaks from each other and stuff, but really... now? not the best of timing. i can understand that he wants to get used to not talking/seeing you all the time, as you also need to get used to it, BUT there are other solutions. taking a break/breaking up, whatever you call it, can sometimes just be the easy way out. <br />
Jay and I would try to talk every other day as it got closer to him leaving, that really helped a lot. while part of us was saying " we should talk every second we can before the depolyment" the other part of us knew that it would be that much harder when he left. there are other options you should try to explore if you can. <br />
but if that is the option that works for you, then you need to do whats best for your relationship and only you and him know what that is. good luck.

Thanks loves for all the comments and I dont jus take them lightly we are all here 4 each other. we have been havin issues way before him going to boot camp came up. This break isnt just because he needs to get used to not being near me but for us to be able to take it easy before he leaves and enjoy each other without our relationship being there. to enjoy him as a person not as my boyfriend...its confusing but i get it lol...i'll keep ya posted!!

sounds weird to me...idn like ja8nine10 said my bf was begging me to stay with him and of course i am and always will. i realize he is going away to boot and you wont be able to talk but thats kinda a break in its self.. know what i mean? it sounds to me like he doesnt think you are up to it or that his trust isnt too great.. <br />
i would def talk to him. i mean the next 4 years are gonna be like this and the only way to get use to being with a girl and not talking to her is DOING IT. hes not gonna learn how to have this type of relationship if he never trys it first..

stay strong love! i hope everything works out for the best!<br />

idk that sounds really different then what i have heard before my boyfriend begged me to stay with him during all this and of course i never doubted it once. he never needed to beg of course i was going to be there and i feel like the both of you should be in this together. i dont understand why he would want a break to get used to talking to you becuase hes going to be gone a lot the next couple years he should get used to it. but best of luck!

The only reason my bf wanted to break up was because he thought it would be too hard for me and that he was taking away oppurtunities for me. I told him let me make that disicion. So really, I wouldnt let him break up with me. Being apart is making us so much stronger and i know he would have an even harder time going through boot not getting my letters and knowing that well basically i'm not cheating on him. <br />
<br />
But if it works for you then the best of luck.

No lol He lives 45 min away from my school so I'll only see him maybe twice b4 he leaves for camp

lol o yes i was pissed off but i let him explain it this time apart will only do us good. I can never imagine being with someone else to the point that it disgusts me lol and he feels the same. but o yes i was fuming mad lol