I Love My Marine

Being married to a Marine isn't the easiest thing to do. It can be a pain that is for sure. You never know when he's coming home and then they get deployed and you don't know when they are coming home. But it's worth every moment. I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world. I don't like being away from him but when he gets home you don't worry about the time he was away. We have two children and I think that it is the hardest on them but they like telling their friends that their dad is a Marine and he's fighting to keep us safe. It's nice to hear. We are so proud of him and all the military out there.
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my boyfriend is leaving for 2 years Tuesday and im so scared! I know we will make it but still

I've been the girlfriend of a Marine for six months now and it is for sure one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I love it though. It has showed me how tough I am and that If I can do this I can do anything :) i wish you the beat of luck with yours!!

I love my marine. :) I am newly engaged....no longer a marine girlfriend....im now a marine FIANCE!!! ahhhh I am so in love. I guess its true...the best man to love is a Marine. He is so strong and strong...yet caring and loving. He is my pride and joy....and I know with out a doubt that I am his pride and joy. :) Distance sucks.....but being reunited...now thats something! When I see his face for the first time after a long deployment...it is impossible to explain the feelings of love, peace, and relief I feel. Its all these emotions that flood over me at once. Kinda like an ******..only better lol!....but saying goodbye....is the hardest ( and will continue to be the hardest) thing ive ever had to do. But hey....Love brought us to this...and love will bring us through it. I am in the Air Force...and he is in the USMC....distance is terrible. Seeing him is rare....but loving him is easy. As I go to bed each night...I pray and beg God to just let me see his face once more. To bring him home safely to me. And I always pray that I remain safe fore him.....its so much harder to love someone in the military...because I know the real dangers that he is facing. :P

I recently married my marine. I never thought that I would end up marrying my marine. But I am so happy that it has. We are both about the head off on our own deployments in Sept/Oct. I will be gone for a year and he will be gone for 6 months. It'll be our first time apart. I am scared and nervous. Both because of the time apart but because of the location of the deployments. I love him with all my heart and hold strong to hope and faith that we both will make it back ok.

my boyfriend has a month left in boot camp, and the time has gone by pretty fast! I'm kind of nervous about when he gets out, of course he will change after going through that! We are talking about getting married and i am more than ready! i love him so much but i dont know how it will be when he gets deployed. I just know i'm in it for the long haul, and these previous messages from you ladies talking about how it's all worth it helps a lot! Never in a million years did i think i would fall for a man in the military...and i know it will not be easy. But reading all these posts gives me hope!

My Marine is deployed right now and i'm just going through the motions:( its not an easy task but i know when he gets home it'll be worth every second he was away. Always faithful<3

My boyfriend is also being deployed in April/May .. It hard to think of .. My dad and other members of my family were all in the military at some point or are still serving but never in my life did I ever suspect I would fall in live with some one who was a marine .. It just happened and it's hard for sure but worth it

my boyfriend leaves jan 2nd for boot camp, i hear everyone talking about how hard it is and how their boyfriends changed soo much in boot camp, its kinda got me worried. But were strong and no matter what happens and what he has to go through, Ill be next to him going through it too. I made a promise too never leave his side, no matter how hard things get. I cant wait to one day marry him and start a family. Hearing the few people talk positively about their boyfriends being a marine and how strong they are has given me hope =)

All you girls are very strong and its amazing y'all stick by there side my bf of 3 years is leaving for bootcamp this monday and im so scared but reading and seeing y'all have gone so far just makes me smile and have hope:)<br />

This is my first time being away from my Marine, so I'm learning as I go. Less I have college to kept me busy.

awww very true!! im not married to a marine but im engaged to one. its tough with me finishing hs and him bein gone. i definately look forward to eveyr moent i get to spend with him

my boyfriends getting deployed in may too im so scared i love him but my heart is broken and i ask myself why i got into it sometimes but im glad i did cuz im inlove with him but i just dont know what to do we wer gunna move in but idk if i want to live by myself for 10 months

aww :) yea my boyfriend is being deployed in may :( :( we are getting engaged before he leaves. It's just so difficult, but very much worth every minute!!! Just have to keep praying!!!!