That Time Again!

Ugh sorry ladies i have not been on lately my internet in my apt at school has not been working and our school comps are slow! But yes its time for goodbyes again. My marine has finished school and is now out to Cali in a few days. You would think it would get easyer each time but im sitting here folding his clothes and helping him pack and im just moments away from sobbing. Ugh I hate this! I love him and I know its not too much diff than him being in NC it just means6 weeks apart instead of 2 or 3.  I just want to finish collage so i can get married and move out with him! 2 years left! Congrads to all of you who are getting married soon and those who are just waiting for the big question!!!


ok i will stop going on about everything i just needed to get it out and do something to distract myself.

StephC StephC
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 21, 2008

think postitive && pray my dear!!

TasiaMarie is right. Keep your chin up girlie =]

It never gets easier, BUT we learn how to deal with it better. Just keep your head up and smile :)