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So...idk if yal knew but I am in Army ROTC...ironic huh?? lol anyway I just had a physical fitness test...we have to do a min of 53 situps in 2 min, 19 puchups in 2 min and run 2 miles in 18:54min. So i was almost ten seconds mad...and when I was running I was thinking about u guys. I kno Im kinda new and dont have close relationships with every YET lol but I was thinkin that we have to be so strong not for our men but for ourselves and even if u couldnt pass the PT test lol Iknow that we are all strong in our own way and that our men dont have to worry about us being ok while they are at boot or stationed or deployed. so I luv ya gurlies!!!

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so true =)

aww i feel special =] and very loved! we're all strong one way or another

: )

lol damn straight girl