I took Will to the airport this morning at 5 AM, and watched him walk down the gate to the plane to leave for Camp Pendleton for SOI/ITB, and thought about how great the 10 days were and what I would do to go back to the first day he was here. Anyway, I have a couple questions about SOI. He was told that he could take his cell phone, and up until about 5:00 tonight he was texting me, but then told me that he had to go to brief and that he would call me later. Does anyone know if they get to use their cell phones anytime they aren't working or can they only use them on the weekends? Also, can a Marine going through SOI go to the Marine Ball on November 8th? I was going to start making my arrangements to go out there that weekend, and he tells me that he can go, but I was seeing if anyone knew for sure. And then if he can go to the Ball, can he stay with me that weekend I am there or not? I guess my question is does he have off base liberty on the weekends? He is 0300 Infantry if that might help. He hasn't called me yet tonight, so I was thinking that they might not get their phones during the week. Any help that you ladies can give me would be great! One more thing - will they get a lot of time to check their e-mail/be on the computer?

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Well, I don't really know, I brought my boyfriend to the airport this morning for ITB and he's been texting me until 5 tonight, but I am obviously new to this whole thing. I just know what I've been told by my Marine and by my friend's Marine, it could be different.

Well MCT is different from SOI/ITB. My boyfriend is 0300 Infantry and I believe the rules are totally different for MCT Marines than there are for ITB Marines. My good friend's boyfriend just left this morning for MCT at Pendleton and he was told that he couldn't even take his phone; so he didn't. My cousin was an 0300 Infantry Marine and I just talked to his parents who said that they get to use their phones after work, which is about 1600, and on weekends.

It was a few days - a week ago I think. They wouldn't bring him to Pendleton if it were unsafe, I know that much.

o yea its still on fire alright i heard they are thinkin of an evacuation if it doesnt calm soon at least thats what the news said this afternoon so i thought of all you ladies with guys out there!!