MRP is also known as Medical Rehabilitation Platoon. My boyfriend, John, he is hurt in MRP. He got hurt a month into bootcamp. The Doctors told him that if he did one more drill he would have broken his leg. So he went to MRP for his leg. Then, his back started to hurt and his ankle and then he hurt his head. One thing after another started to hurt more and more. He was on crutches. But I did not understand why he was still getting hurt. At MRP they don't make you drill, you sit there and read all day. Wake up at 4:15 am and go to sleep at 7:15 pm. So I called John's recruiter. He and i were talking every day or other day. But then he didn't answer his phone i did not know what was going on with John.
I took matters in to my own hands. I went to a recruiting office here in Kansas. SGT Watkins has let me call John. But that phone call did not go so well. He wanted out so i did not protest him. I gave up.
John gave up too. He is still in MRP.
John's recruiter still refuses to answer my phone calls, and i try over and over. When John sent me a letter about maybe attempting suicide so he could get out I freaked! So i went back to SGT Watkins. John wanted only to talk to SGT Watkins. Finally after a week SGT got a hold of John. My boyfriend blew him off. Apparently John's recruiter has promised if John gets out of MRP and Boot Camp with Medical he can go in to the airforce. Which is bull. SGT Watkins said that his recruiter does not want to deal with John anymore so he is saying anything he can to get rid of John.
I have been trying to convince John he needs to stay. He has said over in multiple letter that he will do what every i want him to do.
I no longer have given up on John. He will become a United States Marine and i will push him to be the best he can be. Because this is what he has wanted his whole life and for him to quit just because he got hurt is not a good enough reason. I have written letters over and over telling him to stay and finish and how beneficial it would be for both of us.
Prayers for John would be very appreciated. I'll update you all soon. Thank you
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Hello , I read your story and what you guys have experienced and my fiancé went into stc/mrp-1 but is officially getting medically discharged.... I sent him a care package after him asking his family to send him one and have not got a letter since and it's been about maybe a week since our last letter, do they hold mail away from them?? I don't want him trying anything or thinking that we are mad at him.. And about the care package? Would they give it to him,? Or just keep it away?

I'm really sorry to hear about your boyfriend.I wish the best of luck to you both!!