Im Back =]

so donnie just left about an hour ago. im a little sad but im glad i got to spend an extra night with him last night. the weekend was awesome we went up to Delhi for his frats pigroast which was an insane amount of fun and waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much beer haha. his frat bros are great and i love them. they keep telling me im like a brother too cause i take care of miller (thats what they call him) and that i can come up and party with them anytime even if he isnt home. which made me feel special. and yesturday we went to his grandfathers house where all of his family was there for a little gathering,which was also fun. it was soooooo damn cold this weekend. but i had a great time.

next time i'll see him is thanksgiving i feel horrible that i cant go to NC for the marine corps ball but money is tight between the both of us,and he understands and is okay with it. but i really wanted to go. maybe next year!

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2 Responses Oct 20, 2008

ahhh im so happy to hear you had an awseome time with your lover!!! yay umm you need to post some pics ppplease... actually.. did you? i havent checked.. i shall after this... also... we made a new group with the logo... did you see it? join it!!!

oh i definatly was!!