Im So Disappointed

lmbooo YEA RIGHT!!! you all know im elated beyond belief .. i cant believe it ... my homegirl called me and was like "so your baby daddy won" lmbooo ... brandon is on an airplane headed back to jacksonville right now ... he wore one of my obama shirts home ... i cant wait til he touches down and i can tell him the news hes gonna be so flipped excited .. he told me durring his layover he was jackin with some mccain supporters lol .. even taylah is excited!! 

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9 Responses Nov 4, 2008

YAY!!!! OBAMA :)

& south carolina should succeed again... blah blah blah

they have been calling him the anti christ saying, america 1776-2008, we are all going straight to hell.... it goes on & on

omg im from sc soo it is bad

i mean everyone is like yay a black president & never once has obama brought race into it! its not about color i think he is the best for the job bottom line!

omg people's statuss on myspace & facebook are ridiculous! its ******* me off!!!!!

omg ladies I really think that I could do a cartwheel down my hall way!!! AHHHHHHHH

yay im so excited! & i KNOW you are

yay im so excited! & i KNOW you are