What Should I Say to Her

Brandons sister .. she left him a myspace comment that said something like "oh so you can come to texas but you cant **** with ya fam .. i love you too" something like that .. it was longer, i would copy and paste but he denied it .. anywho .. Ive been telling him he needs to talk to her but he hasnt ...

Now she and i have spoken and shes been real cool .. shes mentioned to me that it bothers her that he doesnt call often just to say hey, i love you .. so ive actually made it a point to tell him he needs to call her every now and then .. you know how it is, especially with boys .. they can get caught up and put that stuff off .. anyway ..

So my thing is .. she obviously doesnt realize HE DID **** WITH HIS FAMILY ... me and taylah are his family now .. ya know? And he hasnt been back out here in 7 months .. ANNND when he went to houston for the funneral a couple months ago everyone was asking when he would be back and he was saying he didnt know, I think he threw out christmas because thats when were planning on going back down there .. 

Also, I mean we both live in texas .. but houston is like 5 hours from where i live .. so its not like its really close ..

I was talkiing to him and he said he does want me to send her a message, and I really want to because hes bad at getting points across .. and i wanna make sure this point gets across ... but at the same time, I know these situations are hard for sisters, so i wanna be understanding too ...

what should i say?

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1 Response Nov 5, 2008

HA WELL this is something that happened to me last month remeber well his sister was rude so i kinda just called her out on it she hasnt apologized or anything shes jealouse girl...