My Marine!

Hi I'm new here so i'm just telling you that. It's be nice to talk to those who have marines as their boyfriends/husbands/fiances!  Anyways , my bf is Sgt. Calvin, Christian. My bf and I met just this year. He's been to Iraq 2 deployments before . And he's back in Iraq right now. He told me stories how he got shot at blowned up and pretty much he nearly drowned in his 7 ton armored vehicle. YIKES! I worry about him all the time . He would reassure me that he be fine. We're planning to get married once he comes back. He re-enlisted . I supported him on that part. Because that's what He does as A United States Marine. Once a Marine Always A Marine. I come from a military family . so it's okay i know how the situations go at this point. I have friends who asked me how can i survive? well like most people say It doesn't matter how much hardship you put in this relationship you're always be the one Behind his back. Sticking with him is the main point of being a military gf.

Michelle (Soon-to-Be Mrs. Calvin, Christian)


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Well Lauren It's hard to say usually deployment only takes 7 months but it also depends on the commanding officer. Yes i worry about him. lol but he's said not to worry so much i'm keeping myself under control about it.

wow..i bet you do worry about him. tell me, how long does he leave when he is out on a deployment?

mine's deployed too! and sounds like he might be the same MOS as mine! whats his mos? welcome! and i'm here if you need anything! dont hesitate to ask!

i kno for sure im worried bout mine. both my mom and my dad was in the military and they tell me stories all the time and i cant hardly believe some of them. so thanks to my parents' stories i am now terrified for him!! lol but he says he'll be fine...(but i still worry)