hey girls.... so nate just got home on saturday and i haven't gotten a phone call or anything still... but my friend that knows him keeps telling me to call him.. and not to be affriad. but i'm so affraid of rejection. i don't know wht to do, i want to write him an e mail to just aleast get some closur, but honestly i don't want closur! i want him!!!! : ( i want us. i hate this, i hate being affraid to call the man i love because for some reason something in him  just stopped or something. i have no idea. it was soo hard to go through all day saturday knowing that at that moment i was supose to be where he was, i promised him that i would be there when he got off the plane and i wasn't.... that day that i had been looking forward to for months! and i was home sitting by myself wondering how he was.... what do i do girls? i don't know if i should contact him or not...and if i should, how?

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It's interesting to me that every story I hear sounds like my own. If you know nothing else, understand that it's not personal. It's almost as if they can't walk and chew gum at the same time. They can't be the best marine possible while simultaneously being a good boyfriend. They have to focus on surviving that lifestyle. It is horrible being the one at home worrying. You don't want to hear anything about you not being together. It takes A LOT of patience, but somehow these things do work out. If it's meant to be, your patience and friendship will endure and time will tell all. Hang in there. Keep your head held high.

call himmm!!! & keep us updated! :)

hey mamas...yeah i would say that you need to give him a call asap

call him! let him know you are still here for him!

if he's home...do you have the strength to see him in person? cause really, thats prob the best way to see what there is between you two...you can see facial and body reactions..and not just a voice on the phone...it also puts him on the spot lol. If not, then i'd say phone too. You have a past, and even though email might be easier...i know youre strong! i'm here if you need anything!

If it were me i would call and try to talk to him.