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Missing Your Boyfriend Whose In the Military.

Missing your boyfriend whose in the military.

1. You wear old sweatpants and sweatshirts to bed.

2. You can watch whatever you want on TV without arguing with him first

3. You get up in the middle of the night to check your e-mail.

4. You sleep with your cell phone incase he calls in the middle of the night.

5. You love watching cute love movies because it reminds you of all the cute things he does when he's home.

6. You haven't shaved your legs in weeks.

7. The mailman knows you because you are always out waiting for him to come.

8. You start paying close attention in class when the words "military" or "iraq" are mentioned.

9. You suddenly have an obsession with anything military related.
10. You see someone wearing an army, navy, or usmc shirt and you get this overwhelming urge to talk to them.

11. You make friends with strangers online just because they are in the same situation as you and are the only ones that can truly understand what you are going through.

12. You can't decide what to wear when you meet him at the airport because his flight comes in at a ridiculous hour in the morning and you want to look cute, but not too cute, because your cutest outfit you want to save for your first full day together.

13. Your first Christmas together is... apart.

14. You find yourself checking your e-mail every fifteen minutes.

15. You know all the time differences between where you are and Iraq, Ireland, Kuwait, Italy, Germany, Korea, and every state in the U.S.

16. The highlight of your day is getting a letter that was mailed a month ago.

17. And if you don't get a letter, the highlight of your day is writing him a letter that you know he will be able to read in a month.

18. You realize that HOMECOMING is so much more than a football game.

19. You want to hit any happy couple you see together

20. You get excited about "unknown" phone numbers calling you.

21. You've exhausted every idea a brain could have of what to put in a box.

22. You see a "support our troops" sticker on a car when you are stuck in traffic and you find yourself guessing about who they know that is deployed and thinking about their entire life story.
23. When the clock says 11:11, you find yourself wishing for the same thing every time: a call from your soldier.

24. You get excited when its only 5 months until you see your Soldier instead of 7!

25. You can't stand girls that talk about missing their boyfriends who live a few hours away. You just want to yell "drive and go see them them" because if you had the chance, you would jump on the first plane to go see your soldier no matter how far it is.

26. You don't know what teams are on top for football, basketball, etc.

27. You wouldn't dream of walking out of the house without the cell phone and every number you have is forwarded to that cell.

28. You find yourself randomly crying from just looking at a picture of the two of you together.

29. You find yourself randomly crying and you sometimes have no idea why.
30. You stay on the internet for hours searching for anything and everything about the military.

31. You talk to your friends about him so much that they know his full name, birthday and even his favorite color.

32. You find yourself speaking in acronyms (that no one other than you and he would understand).

32. You are reading this and smiling and nodding because you know it's so true 

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So true, laughing and crying at this. 7 months to go! :(

So true. I haven't gone through deployment and mad respect for those ladies and gents who are the other half of our marines. Mine is in a situation where we only get to talk weekends. I know its a lot more than some, but it still sucks. I wish there were cheaper flights.

Everything on there is so true my partner has been posted on the last afghan tour and has 6 months to go still cant stop crying

He's been gone for almost 3 months... He'll be back in June but this post also had me crying!! It's so relatable:( I'm glad I'm not alone feeling like this :(

ive just read this and cried, but for the first time in months it wasnt because im missing my soldier, but because i finally dont feel so alone!

i like the point about girls saying they miss thier bf's who live 2 hours away!

x stay strong girls xx

The worst is that mine is on base 2 hours away and I still can't see him!

My boy friend has been gone since December 2nd, 2013.. We didnt get to spend Christmas, new years, valentines day, our birthdays or anyhing together,, he doesnt know exactly when he will be back, which means i dont either.. Everyday i dont hear from him... i worry. everyrthing that was posted above.. is Very true. Thank you for sharing.

my boyfriend has been gone two days now and i have not stop crying ......i miss him so much ,dont know exactly when i will hear from him or see him.

So true. I've ALWAYS kept up with bodily maintenance. But since my boyfriend is so far away and we have months until meeting again, why bother? Au Natural!


this is absolutely perfect.

My bf just left for the marines and its difficult thinking what if his not going to be here while i give birth im 2 months pregnant.

So flippn true.

I love this! It's so me right now!

I'm seeing all these girls breaking down their man is gone...stay strong, sometimes ya gotta buck up. It's difficult, don't rip on the civilians, we were all civilians once upon a time!!!

i miss my soldier!

this is me right now:'( and it is really hard

This is seriously my life right now and he is only in training. Hardest and most emotional thing I have ever gone through!!

Wow! Has the author been following me?

This is so true! every single thing on here i was nodding too!

this is so true. i miss my boyfriend. he's leaving for the army soon and is currently in chiliwack. 3 hours away from me. hes going to the military college in ottawa. across canada from me.

yes............that is how it boy will be back....i know....i m sure......

This made me start to cry a little, just because it is so true haha

How do you do it? My man leaves July 9th.. I'm terrified..

This is so true. My life story completely. I can't help but to smile and blush while reading every one of these statements. 8 months and he is already my world. My boyfriend is in the navy and i'm still stuck in high school :/

Omg so true just stay strong ladies semper fi

story of my life c: i love my soldier<3

Geesh it really "takes one to know one" I feel everyone of your points .. made me tear up a little V.V I miss him like crazy

33. You break down in tears when he calls because you can't remember the last time you have a chance to talk

This almost made me start crying, haha. So very true.

Yep this just explained it all!! I love it!!

Yep this just explained it all!! I love it!!