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I am a newly wed to a marine. We got married 4 months ago and I have only seen him 6 days out of those 4 months. I knew what I was marrying into and so did he. It is rough at times but I know I will pull through it and so will he.  I am a young marine wife. I am 19 and he is 21. Yes we married young but we have also been together for 6 years. We have already been through alot. I miss him so much. I have yet to met any marine wifes that I can share things with. And I was hoping this site would help me with new friendships.

Sincerely- Ashley

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Hi! I am 19 years old and my boyfriend is 20!! He has been a Marine for 7months and we have been dating for a year and 4 months. He is the greatest thing in the world and I love him so much!! We are from a small town and I am a freshman in college working on a business degree. This summer he is coming home and we plan to get engaged and be married by next May so that I can go live with him at his Duty station where ever that will be. He will know in 2 weeks! We think it will be Pendleton in California. We haven't told our parents about our plans and I know they will be skeptical because we are so young. I need some advice on if this is a good idea and how we should tell our parents what we are wanting to do!! also this site is incredible!! I have run across so many other sites with older women that I just can't seem to relate to!! I have read all these comments and completely click with all of your stories and issues!!!

Hi! I'm 19 and my boyfriend of two years just left for the marines. We aren't engaged yet but we talk about it a lot so I know it will be happening soon. I have one friend who's boyfriend just graduated from bootcamp and having someone there who has already been through what I am going through is really beneficial. I am here for you if you need someone to talk to. It helps, trust me. :)

Hi, I am 18 right now and my boyfriend is going to boot camp two months after we finish high school, we are both really scared of how everything is going to plan out. We love each other very much, there's enough love to last forever! We plan on getting married between the couple of days we get to be together. I know getting into this means lonely time for me and him, but we know what we're getting ourselves into. I'm just so glad I'm not the only one, thank you so much for sharing it really helps me.

Im 17 and wanting to marry a 18 year old that will be going in to the marines at the end of his high school year...I was wondering if we got married while I was still 17 will that interfere with him getting into the marines?

Hi Ashley. I am seventeen years old. My boyfriend is 20. We have been together since I was fifteen and a freshman in high school I am now going into my senior year. My boyfriend is a marine and stationed in beaufort, south carolina. He wants to get married really bad and I want to, too. However I am scared of divorce and how things will be after we get married. Do you think I should wait a few more years? Everyone says if I go to college we won't stay together though...

This site is amazing.. It's defiantly the right place to come to when you need support and someone to relate to! My marine and I are waiting to get married until after he's done serving... Which is something I am totally for. We try to keep our military relationship "normal" funny right? I don't stay on base when I visit.. But we will go back to get him clothes, or play video games :) professional pictures are done without uniform.. Not because we aren't proud, but because we want to focus on us. Our engagement pictures will be done with uniform though! Some of them at least. Life is very different, and very hard with a military man.. But as all us ladies can relate too.... It's not hard loving a military man. The distance is hard, the worry is hard, the sacrifice is hard, but loving him is the easiest thing I've ever done! And I will quote that all the time!

HI! im Jessica! My fiance graduated from boot camp feb 2nd and he is in infantry training school now. He wont get leave after school so I dont know when ill see him again esp if he deploys right after school. We are planning on getting married later this year (asa he can come home)
I cant wait to be his wife and eventually live with him. We are only 19 so we are of corse getting alot of "why can you wait" and "you're too young" and "whats the rush" but it doesn't seem like anyone understands the military life style and what its like to love someone who serves.but im glad i see that im not the only girl in this boat :)

Congrats on getting married. (: but I know how you ffeel. My husband leaves for Japan in January for 2 1/2 yrs. And I can't go with him we've been together almost 2 years and ive seen him maybe 12 times. Your very right tho we all knew what we were getting into. But This site definitely helps a whole lot. You'll love it. Everybody on here is great at helping stay positive.! You can message me if you ever need some one to talk to (:


Haha I know me and josh have been together for a year and a half and I've seen home like 4 times and nobody get that it normal for me lol. They can figure how I can be with someone who's never here. It's hard but easy all at the same time.

Well thats why we are the fewer and prouder cause not many women can do what all of us do (: but your right we do think its normal to be away from each other all the time. Ha our men are definitely worth the wait tho!

Haha they sure are. It's so funny I've become obsessed with the marines. Like I love it as much as he does and I'm so proud of him its crazy!

Haha I know what you mean. I am so proud of him but I definitely have a love/hate relationship wwith the Marines. They seem to be perfect at ruining all of our plans everytime, never fails. Ha

Haha I think everyone has a love hate relationship with the marines but I wouldn't have him doing anything else because he loves it so so so much. Like I see how proud he is when he talks about it and I know he is so happy andi would never take that away from him. But they know how to mess up plans. Lol they don't tell them anything until last min. Lol I think they like to make them mad lol

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I'll be getting married in july of 2013 or at least that's the plan. I'm 19 and he's 21 just like you. Its the most scary thing ever but there is nothing I want more. Everyone thinks that it's just like having him at school and it's nothing like that. So if you ever want to talk I'm here! Itl be nice having someone to relate to.

My boyfriend wants too join the marines in 3 almost 2 years right after high school But he wants too get married at 17 nd live together before he has to leave for bootcamp so we won't have too wait to get married. I think it's the right decision. We both want too be happy. He's been talking about it more and more each day..

my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years now, and he will be leaving for boot in jan or feb. we plan on getting married in the ten days we have together before he leaves again. We are both 19, but i wonder if ill be able to go with him on ba<x>se right away?

My boyfriend of 4 years and I have been thinking about getting married after his first deployment in Afghanistan. I am nervous, but not tentative to marry a Marine and join the military life. I know it will be hard, but I'll be looking for support, just like you! I miss him :/

Im not a wife but i will be after his deployment, i need some one to relate to also. I would love to have some one to talk to about this. Everyone i know trys to compare it to there boyfriend being at college an hour away, but its not the same. I just need some one...

i need someone to talk to, too. Looks like we're in a similar situation. :/

Everything sounds so scary. I didn't know it would be this hard

Everything sounds so scary. I didn't know it would be this hard

i'm gonna be going through this too, my boyfriend wants to get married before he leaves, so I'll only be 19 and he'll be 21.

Hi Ashley! I have been with my husband for 6 years too! Im 19 as well. Where are you living?

I am marrying my Marine in March of this year. I am 19 and he is 21. We are young but we are some of the lucky few that find true love with the best men on this planet! If you love someone and know they are meant for you then why wait. So much life is wasted in waiting! I joined the site for the same reason myself. It is tough sometimes when you can't always be with them but I figured talking to other people in similar situations would help! I hope to find some sort of comfort from knowing I am not the only one in this situation. I hope that you find that comfort too and I wish you and your Marine the Best! :)

I completely agree with everything you said. I'm getting married in July and I can't wait I'm 19 and he's 21 and I'm so lucky to have found the love of my life so young. Wish you and your Marine the best :)

hey! im samantha, and i completely understand about marrying young nothing at all wrong with it. It would be so nice to talk to you sometime, and if you ever need anything just let me know(:

Dear Ashley (and everyone else) <br />
<br />
Its been so long since this orginal blog was posted I hope Ashley still reads these! My situation is slightly different that all of yours, since I've been in this for almost 3 years and can (sort of) see the other side of things, the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak. To Dora, I've dealt with the "negative" side of things with my relationship since the beginning and most of my friends and family don't even know the truth. In all honesty I married my Marine after knowing for 4 months, we eloped and didn't tell anyone except the government (duh) and our closest friends. Then we had a big wedding in March on 2011. So for years I've lived this "lie" listening to anyone and everyone tell me to leave for one reason or another. I think the biggest thing is to lean on the man you love. YOU know why you're with him, and while he may be in boot camp as we speak, at least you can feel confident he's thinking about you when he's in those barracks every night. My husband trains marines at PI. He tells me the stories about letters sent from girlfriends and how much they really help, so write him. If you're just getting started as a "Marine Wife" the negative will only keep coming one way or another, so brush it off now because you've got the best thing out there, a man who loves his country and has the guts to fight for us (the woman he loves). Best Wishes- LL

Hi! I'm Dora. I will be in this situation shortly. I've been with my guy for 4 years and he is leaving either in January or Feburary for bootcamp. We are planning on getting married when he gets back. I have been having problems with people saying I am only with him because he is a Marine. We have been through so much before he even decided to join. How do you deal with the negative when you know that you belong together?

Hey, my name is Emily and I'm also 19. I married my Marine about two weeks ago. We've known each other since elementary school and are high school sweethearts. I also haven't seen him much at all. Since over a year ago, I've seen him for six days. He is currently in Okinawa and will be there for about three years. Message me if you want to talk or vent or anything like that.

We have such similar stories! Im so sorry he is away, how long will he be gone?

I am engaged to a marine and we plan to get married soon I believe. I am very worried about him because he JUST left for boot camp 4 days ago. I love him very much and I'm very proud of him. When you're husband went to boot camp, what did you do to keep your mind off everything and to stop from worrying about him? He is 18 and I am 21 we've been together for a year and 3 months and still going strong :)

I'm engaged to a marine as well and know what you're going through. I don't think you ever really stop worrying or at least I haven't. I always just try to constantly stay busy and that distracts ya a little. When you start missing him so much you can't stand it just sit down and write letters to him. That helped me. Sometimes I would write him anywhere from 1-5 letters a day lol=)

I know how that goes. My husband left the day after we got married so he could go back to where he was stationed. Its very difficult and I feel your pain. I'm looking for friendship as well.

Hey everyone. I love reading all of the post. My husband and myself got married 1/19/11. He is on his way to boot camp right now. He is quite possibly one of the most wonderful men I have ever met and he makes me so proud every single day. Can anyone give me any details on how our communication will be during boot camp? I know it will take around 2 weeks for the first letter, but I know they do field training and was wondering if anyone could give me any info on when not to expect a letter. As in what phase and whatnot. If anyone can relate I would love to talk. He is going to Parris Island.

My boyfriend and I started dating 1/29/2011. :P He just left for boot camp last Monday and said he's going to write me every chance he gets. Haven't got the address yet. :[ How did communication go through the whole thing?

I only got letters and got 1 phone call a couple weeks before graduation. It was like 3 mins. Best 3 mins of my life! :) When he goes to MCT he gets phone calls every now and then i got like maybe 3 a week and weekends included. I was able to fly down and spend a weekend with him on his graduation of MCT. Hope this helps :)

My bf is at Parris Island now he graduates on the 22 of this month. But as far as communication goes, I got my first letter like 3 weeks into him being there. He use to write me 2 or 3 letters a week but now since it's close to graduation I'll probably get one every week or 1 every 2 weeks. Sometimes i go 2 weeks w/o gettin a letter. But every PLT is different this other girl bf is in the same company as my bf and she still gets 2 to 3 letters a week it just all depend on their PLT.

hey girl. im a new marine wife to... chaz n i got married may 6th.. he just left for boot camp this past monday on the 24th. i miss him alot but we gotta be strong. if u ever wana talk just message me.. i like to meet new people expectly in the marine family :) <br />
<br />

Hey Ashley im in the same boat as you but my boyfriend just left to go off to bootcamp last week. Im 19 and he's 21 also and he plan on getting married when he gets back 4rm bootcamp. But you just have to be strong during this kind of situation because it takes a very strong woman who is going to be their with/for her man. even though it takes lonely and crying nights hang in there hunni everything will fall in place. Message me sometimes at or on here

My name is Kaylynn. Im 17 and im engaged to a Marine and im to be married this summer. it will be the last time i see him for awhile. he will go to japan after and from there he will be deployed out at sea for 8 months. but i cannot wait to marry him. id like to talk to you about how life is at home while he is away.

Hey my name is Jessica, I am kind of in a similar situation. My boyfriend of two years goes off to boot camp next month, something that will be really tough on both of us (but I know our relationship is strong enough to survive it) and on his ten days back from the before he leaves for his MOS we plan on getting engaged. I am only 17, I know young to be thinking about getting married, but love and commitment is what will get us through it,. We then plan on getting married (I will then be 18) when he gets back from his MOS training before he gets stationed. I have been lectured a lot about getting married young and any site I have tried to go to for advice is no help. So anyone who wants to talk, or has any advice, please feel free to email me anytime. Ashley, I'd love to talk to you sometime, you kind of are at the point that I will be at in less then a year. <br />
email: <br />
Thanks,<br />

Hello ashley, im newly married to my marine as well. Message me if you have any questions. My marine is at MOS school right now.

hello<br />
i got married at a young age i was 19 and he was 21 and although we have been together about 14 months and hes been here for about five its tough. Theres something special about finding a marine or service member that even though you are apart he just means the world to you and no matter how long the distance its all worth it when they are home. well i would love to chat to any young military wives on here. my husband is currently deployed and this is our first deployment which is not easy. <br />
ttys : ] kari

I hope things get better for you in the friend department :) When it is time for me and my Marine to get married I will be super young too but love has no age and is a special gift. Stay will get better!

my boyfriend is leaving for bootcamp in 2 days.. im very young but i want to stay with him. im veryyyyy happy to read all of your experiences.. in a way i kinda felt alone like i was just a really young girl trying to rush her life and get married so young. but i feel soo much better and comfortable with the situation now.. thank you girls so much

wow this sounds like me and matt..Kinda....But Hey Im Desiree,, I recently got marred in may i was 20 and matt was 21, :) and then he left for boot in june...I have only seen him 11 days in 6 months..and we will be together for 6 years in jan!! :) soo i know how it is girl its hard. but we knew what we were getting ourselfs into...Nice to meet you lookin forward to gettin to know ya more thru posts!!

Oh your story hits close to home. I got married a month ago to my marine. we had 6 days together and then he was deployed. I just found out that we are expecting our first baby! Apparently 6 days was enough time lol! I miss my marine so very much but we have so much to look forward to when he comes back next year. Keep your chin up. Im here to talk.

hey my name is kayla hanback and im a new marine wife we was married on oct.17.2008 hes at mct and i just would like to know whats going to happen next. if you would let me know that would be great <br />
kayla nicole hanback

Hey. My name is Heather.My husband and i got married just 3 weeks ago. I got to see him for 7 days before he went back to CA. We had to wait 5 months before we saw each other for 7 days. It's still hard and i miss him every day more and more. Thankfully, i get to go see him for 2 weeks for Christmas and New Years. But after that we are going to have to wait for 8 or 9 months before seeing each other again because he's going to deploy. :( But i'm a young marine wife as well i'm 18 and he's 20. We've only been together a year. I know, that's crazy. But it's one of those when you know you know type deals. anyways, i'm here if you need anything,

where is he stationed?

Hey I have a ? I dont know if any of you girls know but my marine and I want to get married next June. He will be in MOS in Florida. Will we be able to get married? And if he can, I heard that Marines aren't allowed to move their wives on base while in school. So I was just wondering if anyone knew anything? And any advice would be really nice also. I can't wait to be married!

I am going through the same thing. My husband and I got married in September of 07 and we gound out he was being deployed in January. He has beenin training from Jan until today. Today he is leaving for Iraq. I know exactly what you are going through and if you need someone to talk im here. Proud Marine Wife Jennifer

Hey Ashley

i just married my husband in april he is in parris island till august..then will be gone for 3 months after his 10day leave then we are having an actual nice wedding then. but i hear they will probably deploy him since hes in reserves. i wish there was somebody to tell me everythings gonna be ok. im so scared. we just had a baby girl in december ...i just want him to live the rest of his life with me and her. -ashley

They probably wont deploy him (: My boyfriends brother is a reservist and hasn't been deployed and he has been a marine for two years!

hi, my name is alli. i just joined this site because im trying to find other women with things in common about this crazy life and the marine corp! im not sure if you check this often but i was just saying hello, was wondering where you guys are stationed and all that good stuff. keep on being stron for your man, and its all worthit in the end!

I think its amazing you got married young i'm 17 and getting married next year... i think when you know you know

I got married to my husband 1 week before he want to Iraq I know what you are going through just remember you have support in the wives!!

Hey. My name is Kathy and I am a young Army wife. I know its a little different but... I got married 2 months ago while my husband was home on leave from his deployment I did not get to see him 8 months before that and i will not see him for ANOTHER 5-8 months. My husband is in Afghanistan and he was also in Iraq last year. so i know exactly how you feel I recently turned 21 and all of my friends only want to go out to bars and clubs every day so i am pretty much on my own and it really sucks! I am also looking for friends in my situation so feel free to write me if your ever bored. TTYL

Hey ashely <br />
my names is melissa an i also am married to a marine if you want to talk here is my aim screen name cruzi05 email me is k

im goin through the same thing at least i will be here shortly