Too Much On My Mind.

soooooooooooooo long story short,my "bestfriend" totally disapporves of my relationship with donnie shes ALWAYS telling me he'll cheat or i deserve better or that she hates him(mind you shes only met him once) blah blah blah. but today she crossed the line. shes tellin me she set up a DATE WITH HER STEPDAD'S NEPHEW...WTF????? ARE YOU SERIOUS? so im tellin no no no im not going i have a boyfriend im completely happy i dont need nobody else. but for some reason she cant fcking comprehand that im actually happy for once! I DONT WANT TO DATE ANYONE OTHER THAN DONNIE ive been with him for 10months and i plan on spending my life with him. anywho we kept fighting..she crossed the line and i ended up punching her and breaking her nose. im not a violent person but once you get me that angry i black out and well...sht happens. i have a horrible temper.

im tired of her sht day in and day out. it upsets me that my "best friend" doesnt care about my relationship ya know? i absolutely dont feel bad for punching her. its been commin to her. she thinks the entire world revovles around her. i dont care what she thinks. im in love and im happy with him if she cant accept that then fine..peace out i dont need you. im also just so damn stressed out about EVERYTHING. i need a job but that honestly seems impossible to find in this blackhole called a town. and what else has been bugging me i miss my aunt soooo much she died almost 3months ago and i honestly cant get over it. i havent been this messed up from someone dying since my grandma. it just feels like everything is absolute crap right now and it doesnt seem to be getting better.

i hate my friends. they are never there when i need them..the only true bestfriend i have nowadays is donnie but hes 600miles away! i havent talked to him that much this week because most of his buddies are going to iraq on sunday. im not mad i understand. i just wish things could get better for me insted of worse. im trying to keep my head up but something always happens to put it back down. damn this sucks..i cant wait to leave this town!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGH.

sorry just venting. im so livid.

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hahah yes indeed.

thanks girls! yeah she definatly wasnt happy after i did that to her. she fliped out completely but she honestly deserved it. i actually laughed a little afterwards haha. oh well it had to be done! ive been dealin with her BS for the past 10yrs and i finally got the balls to do something about it. yay me!

HAHAHA YEAHHHH!!!!!!! WAY TO GO :) I would have done the same!!!! hahaha, what'd she do after you broke her nose?! maybe now she'll understand hahahahahha<br />
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ooh gosh, i'm really sorry about your aunt... just hang in there!! you have us ladies on here to talk to since Donnie can't always talk :)<br />
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just remember that things always have to get worse before they get better.... Everything will be ok!!!!! keep your head up!! I'm sure Donnie wouldn't want you to be so sad :/ <br />
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ooh that's exciting that you're maybe moving to NC next year!!!! SO AM I!!!! :)

best friend or not....she deserved the broken nose! my friends are actin similar....and it sucks! its like i love him! he makes me happy! get used to it! and they just wont and keep pushing and family is even worse than my friends.....but ya know what hun...its our lives. These men make us happy and we need to do what WE want. NOT what other people want us to if you want to spend the rest of your life with him...DO IT! lord knows i'm going to try...try and not let them get to you, believe you me, i know how hard it is to block out comments from people you care about...but sometimes...its the only way to get through to them....or just break their nose! lol im always here if you need me!!

hell yea she deserved it lol.<br />
and thanks britt..things eventually look up but hopefullyt it'll be sooner rather than later

thanks kali. i apperciate that. i totally blacked out in anger cause she was talkin sht. TALK SHT GET HIT..thats my policy.<br />
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i have no idea when i'll be leaving this place..maybe sometime next year when donnie gets back from iraq probably move to nc