NOT Even 2 Months!

hiii girlliess =) it's been a few days since i last updated, but i realized something today.. Corey told me time has been going by fast since he's been sent to Japan. He is nuts because i looked at my calender, it hasn't even been 2 months yet! When he was in North Carolina it didn't seem to go by so slow, but i guess that's because i knew he was closer then, now he's way over seas. This boy is so lucky i love him to death and so lucky that leaving him isn't a part of my intentions. Never ever! lol

I know there is still another month but valentines day is coming up, i'm still trying to think of things i can put together for him.. i want to get something special! & something that won't embarrass him haha

SO does it ever feel like you're dating a complete stranger but at the same time you know him better than anyone else ever will.. haha it's so weird to me.. cause i almost forget sometimes what it's like to BE WITH him.. and touch him.. like have him right in front of you.. ughh   i just miss it, it's been too long =/

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Heyy there!<br />
I totally understand you about "Dating a complete stranger." <br />
When my Marine calls, it wouldn't be for weeks! I'm glad you are being strong! :) <br />
Keep your head up, he'll be back in no time!<br />
<br />
I'm not even sure how we wait and wait like this without going insane. Lol. <br />
<br />
I feel like when I talk to my Marine on the phone, it's like "AWWWW You called but .. where do we start in our conversation?" Lol. After a couple minutes, I just start babbling about everything! :) But I know he's listening to me and understand me because I know him better than he knows himself. Lol <33<br />
<br />
Semper Fi :)

ahhahahahah arielle ! i love you ..

haha i love you girls & yes i'll be making some custom made boxers for him hahaha

im soooo bad at gifts like so bad. i know things that he will like but then im like well should i send it will he use it there what will all the ohter guys think haha. idk im not very good when it comes to that stuff. if you think of any good ideas let me konww :)

thank you girlllllsss!!! you keep me going =) i'm somehow making it through.