Ok so like for the last half hour i've watched Jay, his mom and Lys sit in front of the home computer picking out stuff for Lys's room as well as the Nursery. Me and him Decided he gets to pick out the stuff for the nursery, Lys gets to pick out her big girl bed and all the stuff for her room(with a little help from Grammy and Daddy) and i'll do all the clothes shopping. Well I got Anette(my "mother-in-law") to email everything they found. This is what they got....

All of this stuff only came out to be like $1416.

That's actually pretty good for 2 bedroom sets + more. They wanted to kinda help us out so we can finally have our bed back. Lys has never had a crib. She slept in a bassinet when she didn't sleep in our bed. So as kinda a late Christmas, early baby shower/ birthday gift they're are going to pay for this stuff and my parents are gonna help with clothes. God i love having such a tight family. I think when i came into his family i made them a stronger family. They even say so. I come from a huge Italian family. I'm full Italian. I have 19 brothers and sister total(counting in-laws,steps and halfs.) so this baby is definatly set.

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o. I use to live in. Taylor for like a month (right outside of austin)

north texas

O yea Texas.