LOSING Friends...

So I blew up at a girl today... I feel bad, but at the same time, i'm kind of glad I did...

I mean, It's not that she DID anything horribly wrong, but she just pi**ed me off soooo bad with what she said...

I'm not a mean natured girl. I actually try very hard to find the good in people. I make of habit of complimenting people A LOT. My family and friends make fun of me for it, but thats why I have so many damn friends. lol

Anyway, This girl. Corinne. Kinda weird, but who am I to judge...

So she came up to me today and started on and on about how AMAZING and PERFECT her relationship with her boyfriend is, and how she couldnt ever live without him, and can't stand not talking to him for more than 24 hours. GOD FORBID she not see him for an entire weekend.

I swear, she told me about her weekend with her boyfriend in the most PRECISE detail she possibly could have. DISGUSTING detail that I won't make you live through hearing about.

At first I just blew it off, and just nodded my head and smiled when appropriate.

This girl cannot get a hint if it's wrapped in wet toilet paper and thrown at her face!!!!! I'm ignoring her at this point, and finally she goes... "I mean, honestly, If I had to go more than a week without him, I'd probably end up cheating on him..."

HOLY F***ING SH**!!!! I swear, if I said I flipped a sh** on her I'd be understating it.

I won't be able to see my Marine until at least NOVEMBER 09', and after telling me about her amazing weekend with her boyfriend who she claims to love oh so much, she says THAT????

Oh I ripped this girl a new A** HOLE.

Sorry for all of the language. I just needed to vent.

Also, if anyone has any advice for me as far as handling situations like this? Because I don't want to lose ALL of my friends. lol. I mean yeah, the ones without military men just dont and wont get it, but I don't want to NOT be able to be friends with them anymore because of it. I'm also not a tempermental person, but when it comes to matters of women cheating on their men, especially because mine is in the military, I become absolutly disgusted and want to punch them in the face! Please offer any advice! Thanks!


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yeah, well i'm not really friends with her, or at least, not anymore, but as far as losing friends, i'm just nervous about my close friends. The ones I actually hold near and dear. idk... i'll figure things out. I'll just have to learn patience. =]

oh wow... see i wish I was that patient. I really try and smile and nod, but sometimes holding my tongue is hard for me. ESPECIALLY when it comes to my man.

That story was hilarious!! You put a huge smile on my face! I honestly would have done the same thing... She probably just didn't think about it but now she knows! Good job :)

yeah, youre right. I mean thats why I feel bad. I really hope she didn't mean it (the cheating thing). But that aside even, I think youre right about the "not knowing what its like NOT to miss someone 24/7". It does get to me sometimes, and that why I flip out on people... jeeze. lmao, way to psychoanalyze me on EP. XD<br />
I guess I just miss him a lot, thats all.

**cough cough**

thats where everyone we dont like should be sent. do they have polar bears down there??? lmao

haha, you guys rock! antarctica!! lmao...<br />
and hell yeah we are stronger! Were f***ing Marines' girls! If we can handle their deployments, training, boot camp, and all the other stuff they go through, we can DEFINITLY handle ANYTHING! lmao<br />
SEMPER FI mother f***ers! =]

"just sit back and think to myself that even though they can see eachother we are stronger"<br />
i really like that!! =] <br />
but i would have done the same thing girl. those whiny little ******* drive me nuts. i wanna send them all to antarctica and see how they like being away from their men for a while. and making them freeze a little would make me feel better lol..

Well there are girls at there like that and they will never get the hint.. my roomate, if she dont see her oy everyday she goes into depressed whining mood and i just dont say anything although my other roomates know... I dont know what you can do about them... but I just sit back and think to myself that even though they can see eachother we are stonrger

yeah... i totally made up the toilet paper reference just then, but it made me laugh too... lmao