6 Weeks to Go..

Heyy ladies, sorry i havent been on in a while.  I went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks and now I am trying to get adjusted back into taking 18 credits and working.  I am totally exhausted.

When I got home from Costa Rica on sunday night, I was handed a pile of letters that have come in from my Marine.  Gosh I miss him so much I feel so empty today :(  I was so nervous with the swimming week because he didnt know how to swim but he said he passed and than had to help others that didnt pass yet.  I am sooo happy for him, no words can describe my joy!!  I just bought my plane ticket to go to Savannah than driving to parris island.  My grandparents live in Savannah so I am going on March 10th (tuesday) and they will drive me to Parris Island on Thursday morning for Family day and staying in my hotel that night for graduation.  I CANT WAIT!!!  I want it to come now...

After boot camp, how long will he be away next??  He went in as open contract but I met some marines in the past couple of weeks and they say all people that go in as open contract have to do infantry.  That scares the CRAPPPP out of me!!  that is the one job i didnt want him to do :(  I feel so sad today!!  So after bootcamp is mos, than what??  and for how long??

Thanks ladies!!  I need support and this site has really helped me...

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aww i bet costa rica was amazing.<br />
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heres my experience with things, i hope it helps.<br />
boot camp then 10 days leave, after this he left for mct. there for 28 days and then off to mos. classes were backed up, so they did random things around base such as painting. then came home about 2 months after being at mos. more mos and now we wait.....<br />
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it all depends on what his mos is as to when he will be done with it and then get into the fleet