SO Jealous

I wish I could frickin have sex cause it honestly feels like I haven't in 13 years and I envy the people that can be with their s/o everyday and have sex all day long because I WANT TO HAVE SEX! 


This story is completely inappropriate, I realize this, but i just had to tell someone haha

I cant wait till glorious Valentines Day weekend I am going to have the best sex ever. 

That is all.

KateT KateT
18-21, F
7 Responses Feb 5, 2009

damn all you lucky b****es who are getting some this weekend :P

hahah you girls are too funny

hahah you better enjoy and think about all of us that arent getting any.. I have another 34 days until his boot camp graduation and than I am ready for the a freakin RABBIT for the 10 day leave.. hahahah

booyahh valentines day bay-bay haha yay for us!!

lol i was seriously just thinking how i want it too like not ever 2 minutes ago...u better enjoy it next week!!

girl you better enjoy and it sucks *** not havin sex for along period of time... i dnt know how ima do it when my hubby gets deployed prolly alot of toys..

Girlfriend can you have sex for me too? hahah b.c wont be gettin it any time soon!!! =] haha i feel ya pain sistaa