The Dreaded Talk With Your Marine.

The other day Christopher RANDOMLY asked me what I'd honestly do if he died while he was overseas. AHH!! I was so shocked! That is not something I like to think about, let alone talk about, especially while he's out there now!!!! I started crying on webcam and didn't really answer him because I feel like it'd jinx things. We already had that talk before he left once and it resulted in both of us crying like wittle babies. When he asked again the other day i said "I'd be devastated... I'd marry cats and learn to knit!!!"


have you all had that talk with your marines?? It's the worst isn't it?!... it just makes my heart want to burst thinking about it.

Anyway, If you haven't seen this already you should watch it.. It's Katy Perry's 'Thinking of you' music video. It made me tear up... I can't even imagine how hard this would be... (IT'S ABOUT A SOLDIER!-- so yep, watch it!) WARNING, it might make you cry.

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hmm. Yeah. <br />
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Like a week ago I was talking to travis and he told me how he would always come home to me.. Like.. Even if something like that happened... I'd get to see him one last time.. I started crying right there... Its just hard to think about.. Even more when our men are over there. But we just have to believe that everything will turn out all right

i love that song...and i agree with shan, Carrie Underwoods song gets me everytime. I love & hate it at eh same time....

Gahh, I hate when my Marine brings that up! Sometimes I think about it randomly, like in class, and start crying! haha.<br />
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But yeah, I love Katy Perry, her video is really sad but I can handle listening to the song.<br />
I can not, however, even listen to the opening of Carrie Underwood's song "Just a Dream"<br />
I'm like "Change it, change it, CHANGE it!" haha

omg i LOVE this song I had no idea that was the story behind it. And me and nick have had those talks before but i always just like say lets drop itttttt. Ugh i don't even wanna think about it.

*snort* I love it!

me & shane have had lots of these talks.. considering he had a bad deployment before the best i can think of is expect the worst & hope for the best.. i know that something could happen & i have come to terms with it because i would rather beaware something could happen & it not then not prepare myself & something do happen & be worse off...<br />
i hoep no one has to go through something like that but the reality is it could happen the best you can do is just pray & leave it in gods hands...

HAHAHAHAHAHA jolenmarie, I'd be your neighbor who never shaves her legs because theres no use in it anymore hahaha.... The kids on our block would would definitely stray away from our end of the culdesac. A baseball would fly into one of our yards and our scary rotweilers would chase the kids away... Our yards would be the point of no return. Hahaha, kind of like the movie the sand lot. Ooh we could also have gargoyle statues and screechy gates lol. <br />
<br />
i've never actually been to one of those briefings. . . I'm with you though, i'd totally eat my pain away! ahh goodness...

lol. I agree though. I would become that crazy old lady at the end of the cul de sac with like, 5 foot weeds and tons of animals..who yells at kids to get off her lawn.<br />
that would be me if andrew died lol.

Oh man. I saw that video without knowing anything about it...yeah...that was a dumb idea. cried the rest of the day.<br />
<br />
but yeah. I've had that talk several times with my marine. Hate it everytime. and then when you go to family briefings for the deployment they talk about some stuff dealing with "if anything ever happens" kind of stuff.....yeah. I freaking eat my pain away after those convos lol