Update On My Life :)

So I cannot remember the last time I was on here, it is crazy, but I guess thats just life. Well my senior year is flying by. My baby is graduating in a few weeks from amphibious assault school, so I am so excited. I am trying to talk my momma into letting me head out to camp pendleton to visit him, so cross your fingers :)

I have been getting so annoyed with the theft that goes on in the marines, i dont know if any of you girls marines have this problem, but mine sure does. He got his DVD player stolen, his phone, and his ipod. He replaced the phone and went w/o the Dvd player so i bought him an ipod for an early valentines gift and our one year anniversary and it got STOLEN!! urrghh i am just getting upset with all of this honor and intregrity talk, Most marines are great, but i guess mine just got with a bad crowd, oh well

There is so much more stuff that is going on in my life that i will have to fill you all in on, but for now this will do. Hope you all are doing well, and your marines are staying uplifted

... thinking of moods, what do you guys do when your men are feeling down, I need some good ideas to keep thomas thinking positive, so suggestions would be great!!

love you all


PrincessPaige PrincessPaige
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Yeah one of the guys got into the guys rack locker next to him and stole his iphone and ipod and his PSP a few other outragously expensive items. They are thinking one of the guys stood behind him a few times and remembered his combination. I was stunned where in the world is the integrity.

well its unfortunate that he keeps getting his thingss stolen.. especially from other fellow marines. ughh! its frustratingg! <br />
<br />
yeahh.. my boyfriend sometimes get these weird mood<br />
swingss and sometimes begin to push me away and<br />
shut himself out emotionally. i know thats cuz he's away<br />
from me and family and thats how he copes. anywhoo..<br />
i usually keeep reminding him that i love him a whole lot.. that i will always be there by his side.. that he's not<br />
alone.. just keeep reassuring him of your love.. thats <br />
what i do [:<br />
<br />
hope that helps!