Just An Update On My Life As a Marine Girl..

alright ladies.. it has sure been a while since i loggedd on here, forgive me? [: well since my boyfriend graduated in the beginning of january and since he came home all i ever did was be with him i didnt log on or anything..

so since january 26th he's been at camp pendleton for mct. and its not so bad [i mean compared to not being able to talk to him for 3 months.. this is nothingg] we talk on weekends and he seems to be enjoyingg himself there..


HOWEVER.. this past weeekend we got into an argument.. well i wouldnt say an argument but we both became very frustrated: he was telling me how alot of his buddies have found out that their girlfriends/fiances have been cheatingg on them and have left them for other guyss and whatnot. and he somewhat implied that he thinks im gonna do the same thingg.. and that is so not true. i have never ever, in the 3 years that we've been together, has cheated on him or have let alone given him a reason to doubt me. i've been nothing but a loyal girlfriend and best friend to himm. and it hurts me to have him doubt me [even though he denies it].. its frustratingg.. cuz i love this guy more than i love my own life! and he cant seem to see thatt. or atleast i dont think he does. i know it must be hard havingg to have his friends tell him their stories.. but i hate the fact that he has to begin to think the same way about me.. its not fair and i dont think i deserve it..

have any of you girls had the same issues?

please tell me i'm not alone on thiiiis!

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That must be a guy thing because even when my soon to be marine was home he thought every time he saw one of my friends hanging out with different guys he thought that was me too.. well obviously it couldnt have been me if I was with him all the time.. Guys just get worried!! Stay strong!! He will see that you are dedicated and loyal :)