Oh No!!!!!

okay, so I got my guy's dress blues all together... long story...


I have the pants, the top, and the shoes all together, then I realize, ew it needs desperatly to be dry-cleaned. (he had just folded up the pants and stuck them in a plastic bag, lol)


so i'm hanging the stuff up and i look at the shoes, and i'm not sure but i'm assuming they all wear the same shoes, that black shiny patent leather shoe.

Anyway, The shoes have creases in them and i'm not sure if thats fixable or not, or if it even matters. I havent talked to him in a while so I dont know what to do about the shoes.

I think theyre like 65 or 70 dollar shoes. What do I do?????

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okay so the site i JUST found says theyre 99.95, which is better than 120.00, but they dont have his size. they have the EXACT shoe, i checked the inner tag, and i checked for all the correct numbers and stuff, but they have 11, 11.5, 12, and 13, but not 12.5, and his shoes say 12.5<BR><BR>DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!<BR><BR>maybe i'[m doing this wrong, someone care to help me check?<BR><BR>http://www.batesfootwear.com/US/Product/GP/Mens/High-Gloss-Oxford.aspx?GenericSizeTypeID=M&AltNavList=G-MIL%2cG-MIL-P&GenericColorID=9

okay, well i looked it up and to buy them online is 120.00<BR>and thats on some usmc site. The brand is BATES Uniform Footwear

well yeah, i'm taking his blues with his mom to the dry cleaners soon, but the shoes are what I was concerned about. I mean the creases aren't terrible, but theyre a couple inches long. Should I bother looking up ways to fix it (if at all) or just pay the money and get new ones?<br />
I mean, are the sizes standard? or are they custom or something? And where would I go to get new ones?

I feel bad though because he gave them to me (instead of his mother) to take care of, but he gave them to me to hold on to, IN A PLASTIC BAG, so theyre all wrinkly.<BR><BR>=