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okay so i'm a music major and i'm always interested in working with other musicians. well when james was home for christmas we went to see a concert with his cousin and his friend who is in a band. i was talking to his friend a bit simply cause of the music thing and i can't help but talk when it comes to music. well although i was with james the whole night, james felt like his friend was flirting with me a bit (i didn't notice but i'm horrible at picking up on that kind of stuff anyway). i reassured him that he is the ONLY man i want and that i love him but i think he was still a bit on edge i think cause it was his friend. (i quit talking to the friend after james told me that by the way.)

anyway, that friend just emailed me asking if i wanted to help out with some preproduction for his band's recording session thats coming up and i'm a bit apprehensive about it. i haven't brought it up with james cause i don't want to talk about it unless i really want to do it. i don't want james to get nervous or freak out about it. he's been in a bad mood lately and i don't want this to make it worse.

i would NEVER UNDER ANY CONDITION be unfaithful to james. i've been cheated on by previous relationships and i would never do that to him or anyone for that matter. but i don't want to cause him any stress especially since we're apart and i will totally tell the friend no. i would rather james have some peace of mind than anything else but i just wanted to bounce the situation off you girls.

i guess i'm asking if i should bring it up and risk him getting upset or just drop the whole thing. the last thing i want is for james to worry about whats going on here while he's in cali.

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yeah thats what i was thinking. i'm just going to drop it. i would never want to jeopardize our relationship over something like this. thanks guys!

it would be good experience but i'm not going into the production aspect with my career anymore so this would just be experience to have under my belt. the band is just starting out so it's not like they're established or anything. <br />
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yeah i don't want to cause any drama by bringing it up cause i know that's a touchy subject with him. but if i ask him he'd more than likely tell me to do it and then be worried about it the whole time which is the last thing i want him to do now.

honestly i wouldnt do it... its not worth the drama esp. if he already thinks that guy was flirting with you... & who knows maybe thats this guys pan "to get you"... idk maybe im paranoid... i wouldnt play with fire if i were you