Im Gonna Cry!

so i was using brandons laptop for a few months while mine was out of comission, well now mine is fixed and ive been working on hooking his up for him beofre i send it back, i was installing a second OS and all kinds of stuff and programs that will help him out with the stuff he likes to use his laptop for,etc ... well i zipped all the pictures, videos, etc of us from the passed few months and burned em to a disc because i needed to temporarily delete them from his laptop, i wanted to put them on mine anyway and like an idiot i deleted them before making sure the disc was good ... well i jsut tried to put them back on his laptop and they ******* disc is ****** up! so theyre gone!! ughghghghghgh i think i can find a lot of them in my gmail but still!! ugh it ******* sucks!! his lasts 2 visits, christmas, all those videos i posted that he randomly sends me! ugh, oh well.. i think i uploaded most of them, but i still wanted to have them ... aslkdjf;laskjdf;k ******* bullshit ...

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

that sucks is an understatement. Hope you get some of them back. Yes, still around and all is great over here.

omg im sorry i would of thrown the damn thing out the window... BUT DONT DO THAT! lol hopefully you can find most of them!

oh no are you serious?!! that sucksss i sorry!! why do laptops and computers have to be so gosh damn confusinggggg!!!!! i hope you get all of em back!!=]]]

wow that does suck! i'm sorry! i hate it when technology ***** you!