so since i been kinda bored out here..i decided to throw a passion party. I met a lot of other military wives n gf's out here so why not get us all together n have a lil fun!!

a chick is gonna come by and show us some "products" toys,creams, all kinda fun stuff n that nature n we can buy them too lol. its gonna be like hella fun!!

this is where u ladies come in! i need some ideas for the party, like lil fun games to play... fun sex related games or like anything!! i have an idea of how i want it to be but i'm kinda stuck..=[


calii calii
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1 Response Feb 10, 2009

lol those r all good!! lol like i had tht one game dirty minds...and here's a throwback "i have never" lol i seen those little candy molds i was thinking abt using those for tht game or sumthin...thanks for the help!!