Cuteee. :]

Well, i don't know if any of you have ever seen this before, but i just found it and thought i'd share. It's pretty funny and pretty cute, and definitelyyyy true. :]

You know you're in love with a MARINE when...

1. You dont mind a phone call waking you up at 4 a.m.

2. You tell people that he/she has (only) been gone a month.

3. The smallest contact from your marine makes your whole week.

4. You cry over an email that says nothing more than HI & I MISS U.

5. Those recruitment commercials on TV make you cry because of how
proud you are.

6. You sleep in PT attire & cuddle up in poncho liner, because its
the closest you'll get to your Marine.

7. You're sittin at home & you realize that you havent seen your
marine in over a month.

8. You get soo excited just knowing that your marine tried to call
but didn't get through.

9. Your favorite "man" to see everyday is the MAILMAN.

10. You hate Sundays because the post office is closed.

11. A 30 second phone call after no calls from them for 3 months
leaves you full of joy.

12. "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS" becomes your motto.

13. You feel yourself growing more & more in love with your Marine
while their so far away.

14. Planning letters/care packages and putting them in the mail is
more exciting then going out for a night with the girls or guys.

15. You roll your eyes when you hear someone say "I havent seen my
babi for a week" (If they only knew)

16. You don't mind tripping over combat boots left in the middle of
the bedroom floor.

17. You can go from being happy, to sad, to lonely, to angry, to
proud, and back to happy in a matter of less than an hour.

18. You sleep with the phone right next to you, (just in case).

19. You jump up when the phone rings, accidentally hurt yourself.

20. The sight of any other marine in uniform makes you miss your
marine MORE than it makes you drool.

21. You try to explain to civilans what your marine does for a living
& they stare blankly because they don't understand a third of what
you just told them.

22. You feel lucky for each second granted to the two of you.

23. Every new watch you buy has a two time zone feature.

24. You are 3000 miles apart & you don't notice the time difference
and talk until 9 a.m. their time and 2 a.m your time on a work night.

25. Phone kisses are just as good as the real ones..if not better.

26. You realize you can forgive your marine for not calling for a few
weeks due to the fact that they honestly did have to work.

27. Your cell phone shows 87 screens full of the number 2 for "repeat
message" after you hear they had left a message because you missed
their first & only call.

28. You spend hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket to see them only
to fly back 2 days later.

29. When you sleep with your home phone AND your cell phone by the
bed just in case...

30. When you almost knock over 3 people running out of a store to get
better signal when they call.

31. When someone says Semper Fi! or OOrah! you immediately begin
wearing a proud smile on your face.

32. When you call their phone just so you can hear their voicemail
even though you know they won't answer.

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2009

i love these! they always make me smile! #15 is especially true for me! this girl in my class keeps complaining about how her bf is gone for the weekends and it takes everything i have not to lose it! try months then come and talk to me about it! haha!

awww yea ive seen so many variations of on #27, my phone shows a bazillion "4's"...cuz thats the repeat button;-)

haha..i smiled at m0st 0f them especially number 9,10 and 14..l0l..L0VE IT..its s00 cute..