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Standing with her back to him, she can feel the tears beginning to form slowly in her eyes. “Are you ready “he whispers? Amber slowly turns around seeing the man she loved, but today he looked different. Was it because he knew that Amber wasn’t ok, or was it because he was wondering how Amber could make it this next year. “Ready as I can be” she responded, trying to hide the anguish in her voice.
            The airport was only a twenty minute drive, but today it seemed as if it would stretch on forever. The sound of the rain pounding against the hood of the car could never compare to pounding in her heart. As Matt pulled the car into the lot, she prepared herself for what was next.
            “You know I love you with everything that I have right?” he asked. Amber didn’t even have enough strength to whisper a response. “Guess we better head in.” Amber found herself holding onto his hand like she did when they where high school sweet hearts. Things had been so much simpler then, why were they not still that way she wondered.
            As they walked down the terminal Amber began to remember life before the war. When their daily lives were consumed with star bucks, business meetings, and dinner together at night, now life had become about deployments, training, weeks in the field. Her trip down memory lane was cut short when she heard “Flight 95 is now boarding”. Was it really time to let him go already?
            “Well I guess this is it” she said turning away so he couldn’t see the pain in her eyes. “Remember it’s not goodbye, its only see you later. Here I want you to read this when you get home, and not a moment sooner.” Matt slipped an envelope into Amber’s hands. And with that she gave him one last kiss and hug, and watched him walk even long after he was out of sight.
            As she got into the car she felt the envelope in her pocket, what was it about? She reminded herself that Matt requested she not read it until she reached home. As she pulled into the drive way, she realized that home wasn’t the same anymore something was missing. The trees were waving in the wind as she opened the door, and the smell of his cologne rushed her nostrils. Sitting down at the table she removed the envelope from her pocket and began to read.
            Right now you are probably sitting at the table with your pink mug full of star bucks fresh brewed coffee, thinking about why I had to leave. I wish that there were words that I could say to make you feel better, and to easy the pain you are feeling. The only thing that I know to say is that I love you, and will be home before you even have time to miss me. O honeys don’t forget this isn’t goodbye.
                                                                                    Love you.
Amber laid the letter on the table and whipped away the tears from her eyes; this was the matt she remembered.  
            The next few days seemed to be a blur, all she could wonder was wither or not Matt was doing ok. Finally before she knew it Matt had been gone a week, maybe this isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
            Amber sat on her bed one morning just before she began her day, she would stop and think about Matthew and whisper a little prayer that he was doing ok. Little did Amber know this morning was about to become a whole lot better. As she began to run her bath water she heard the phone rang. Her heart began to race as she rushed for the phone. “Hello” she answered trying to not get her hopes up. “Honey it’s me Matt”. This was what Amber had wanted to simply hear his voice on the other end of the line. The only thing that Amber could get to come out was “I love you”. “I love you to” he whispered back. “Honey I have to go now. Remember it’s only a see you later”. Amber hung the phone up with tears in her eyes but this time they were tears of happiness.    The next 11 months flew by and before Amber knew it, the time for Matts return had come. Standing at the airport Amber could feel the palms of her hands becoming sweaty, would she be able to recognize him, and would he even notice her. The next 15 minutes passed by slowly, and then finally someone leaned into her ear and whispered “I told you it was only a see you later.” She turned to see Matt standing there waiting for her. As they walked down the terminal she found herself clinching to his hand just as she did when they were high school sweet hearts.

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thanks so much for everyones encouragement :) im working on my next piece now

wow.... that's awesome writing.... I wish I could write like that - short stories aren't my talent tho, lol. Should check out the "I write short stories and poems" group. Some of the entries are actually pretty good and it may help act as a muse, of sorts, for future writings.... <br />
<br />
But anyways, keep it up, I'd like to read more....

OMG!!!!! I'm in school right now sitting in the comp. lab during my lunch break, and i'm balling my freaking eyes out!!!! my makeup is probably running....<br />
<br />
Keep writing, your amazing!!!

no mine is deployed right now and writing is my hobby to help pass time



ahhhhhhhhh........this made me cry :'(